8 Best Internet Marketing Guidelines for Fitness Marketers in 2017

Nowadays, many fitness marketers are using the internet to promote their services. But I’ve noticed not many of them are doing it effectively.

In fact, large majority do it the wrong way by trying to win the earth of the customers by all means instead of adding a value and resting to enjoy the outcome. So, here are some guidelines for a strong internet marketing strategy for your company or local businesses in 2017.

Internet Marketing Guidelines That Fitness Marketers Can Rely on in 2017

1. Define the purpose for your marketing

What is your purpose for marketing on the internet? Is it to provide updates to existing clients? Or get new members or training clients? Or build an online community of fitness enthusiasts?

2. Create a prospect funnel

Funnel your clients using an ‘upside down triangle’ model. Begin with many free give-aways and low cost offers. As you move down the funnel, you will start getting paid by consumers for your higher-priced offers. Therefore, it is important to offer memberships and programs at various price points to give consumers different ways of spending money with you.

3. Research your competition

It is very important to know your enemy as a fitness marketer. Look for similar fitness businesses by searching online using terms such as weight loss, gym, fitness club or boot camp. Study the competition and learn as much as you can from them. Find out what gaps still need to be filled.

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4. Target the right customers

Rather than trying to reach the masses, you need to focus on a specific niche. Are you targeting men or women? What age group? Which residential area? As you zero in on a specific target market, you should also find out where they spend their time offline and online. In addition, you need to establish what search terms people are using when searching for businesses like yours online.

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5. Offer solutions

People will hire you or buy your membership hoping that you can fix their problems. Some people don’t like how they look or feel, while others desire a healthy lifestyle. There are also others want to enhance their athletic performance. So how are you going to fix their problems? For instance, my Bistro md and weight watchers promo codes offer unique weight loss solutions.

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6. Create an effective site

Your site needs to be attractive, with a layout which is easy to navigate. Use simple primary colors and one main font for the text. Make sure your content addresses your visitors’ problems and offers a solution. Usually, people buy benefits rather than features. Therefore, instead of discussing your fitness services or equipment, talk about how customers will benefit.

On each page of your site, give a clear call to action. Your main objective should be to capture their email addresses. Offer free eBooks, special reports or audio recordings to convince visitors to subscribe.

7. Make use of technology

To sell online, you need to make use of appropriate technologies. At the minimum, you will require a merchant account which will enable you to accept credit card payments. You will also need a shopping cart with full features, as well as a virtual gateway which will allow you to process online transactions. You could also explore online services such as online appointment setting, links exchange management, article submission sites, email newsletter distribution, online press release distribution and website content management.

8. Traffic strategies

There are many ways of attracting traffic to your site. This includes search engine optimization and pay-per-click advertising. You could also share content on training, weight loss and fitness on relevant blogs, as well as article directories. Remember to include a link back to your site on each article. Podcasts, webinars and press releases can also be effective in generating traffic to your site.

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