Five Technological Breakthroughs To Expect This Year

We all know technology is subject to change and top technological companies are not being left out from the train of dishing out mind blowing tech wonders. Tech savvy people will really appreciate all these changes as this will go a long way in making technology a desirable tool in our various fields.
Below are the top 5 technological breakthroughs coming to your doorsteps this year :

This is a developing eyes tracking technology software which is tasked with giving your eyes control over nearby devices.
This device was originally designed to be used by software developers to help in their applications and programs. It is also a commercial product, which allows controlling applications with user’s sight on desktop and tablet computers. Small hardware module (its dimensions – 20cm x 1,9cm x 1,9cm, weight – 70 grams) uses USB 3.0 port. (Integrates with iMotions but no longer sold).
The Eye Tribe eye tracker is compatible with the iMotions Screen-based Eye Tracking Module.
Eye-Tribe enables one to play or pause a video clip,slide around your device without the need of hands,reading e-books,play video games and so much more.
It is still in its early stages but expect it to hit you soon.

This is the 5th generation of global wireless technology that would fuel innovation and transform the way we live,work and play. It enables us to create a new network in which everyone and everything can be connected virtually with a very speedy pace.
5G is an investment for the next decade, and in previous mobile transitions, we’ve seen most of the big changes happening years after the first announcement. Take 4G, for instance. The first 4G phones in the US appeared in 2010, but the 4G applications that changed our world didn’t appear until later. Snapchat came in 2012, and Uber became widespread in 2013. Video calls over LTE networks also became big in the US around 2013.
It’s importance cuts across various fields which include the health industry,security,economic sector just to state a few.
With the 5G transition, there’s another twist. There are three main kinds of 5G—low-band, mid-band, and high-band—and while the US put its bet on low and high, it turns out that mid-band is probably the best way to do it. Here in the US there aren’t much in terms of mid-band airwaves available for 5G. The government is playing catchup and will auction some off at the end of 2020.

Screenless displays are a part of an emerging technology in the field of displays that are likely to be a game changer and would change the way displays are used. The screenless display technology is used to transfer or display information without using a screen. The advancement in the field of screenless displays would lead to the replacement of touch screen displays by screenless ones in the near future. In due course of time, hardware component is expected to become economical. This technology is not developed fully till now and is available in a limited range of products.
Screenless displays are used mainly in medical holography for medical imaging applications. They are expected to find applications in commercial, consumer, aerospace & defense, and automotive sectors. They are currently used in holographic displays, head mounted displays, and head-up displays.
These shows you the display on your devices without the need for a screen. These provides pictures with higher resolution,accurate colour and a 3-D view.
It consumes less space when compared to the traditional CRT screens. This is the exact technology needed to overcome the inefficiencies of the touch screen technology.

These are devices which make one feel mentally involved in a particular online engagement and everything is happening real-time right in front of you.
This technology is also making waves in the medical industry. This helps in the treament of patients diagnosed with bipolar disorder.

This technology has been in the works for a while with experiments carried out by different tech companies.
However,this is still in the early stages of development and we might have to wait a little longer for it to be officially launched.
This technology promises to be a major relief to the stress of driving and also the cost involved.

This wraps up a review on technological advancements to expect this year. There are certainly a lot more in the works but this article won’t do justice to it.





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    Anirban Saha

    Nice and informative article. Yes, 5G is going to make immense impact on internet usage.

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