LG World Record Flash Mob Marriage Proposal reveals new Viral Marketing Strategy

LG Flash Mob Proposal, another Viral Marketing Strategy tapped by LG

Visualize a scene where you are striding your way to work and to your utter surprise a group of 100 dancers’ surface in front of you out of nowhere! Even before you know what’s going on, you have actually started matching your feat to the beat. Apparently, this activity in the middle of the street or a crowded walk-way doesn’t make much sense. But the marketing world has coined it “Flash Mob”. By the books Flash Mob is defined as “A group of people who appear from out of nowhere, to perform predetermined actions, designed to amuse and confuse surrounding people” Today they are considered the most potential marketing tool.

The first Flash Mob in NYC
Click the image to enlarge the Flash Mob NYC pix

This shock therapy or “Flash Mob” was introduced during early 2003. Along with pleasantly surprising everyone it chanced on some early takers and very soon it spread like wild fire and went viral. Courtesy social media and online streaming websites like YouTube.

A new wave of marketing and consumerism had just started flowing over India. Flash mobs only added fuel to the fire. The latest flick going frenzy over YouTube and other video streaming channels is the startling flash mob organized by Consumer Electronics Company LG India. Flash mobs are light and not amongst the most serious things we get to see or do. But the purpose of every flash mob is to convey a message. Likewise the flash mob organized by LGWR (LG World Record) on the October 6th, 2012 also had a message. A purpose, to unite 2 loving souls. Read on, if you wish to know more.

Love was all over the Ambience mall Gurgaon on October. It was just another hotfoot weekend at the mall and quite non-ceremoniously a group of young dancers surfaced out of no where matching the beats of an impromptu screaming loud music. The weekend shoppers were pleasantly surprised!

Planning of the Flash Mob

The agenda of the flash mob was to help out a certain LG user, “Saadi Delhi” boy Mr. Karan Arora express his love and proposed marriage to his love interest Pooja Basra. The couple goes on to get engaged publicly later after the flash mob. Not many knew about the flash mob prematurely and the element of surprise was very well used by the LGWR Team and dancers.

LG’s World Record’s Flash Mob Campaign Video

The flash mob planning commenced with Karan approaching the LG World Record forum a while ago in a personal interaction with one of the LGWR mascots. Karan then expressed his wish to propose his lady love in the most romantic and out of the box way possible. And boy… Did LG hear him or what!!

Without any further ado, LG sent the LGWR men Sherlock, Greg and Joy to play the cupid and bring a grand smile on Karan’s face who by then was already smitten. This story has every ingredient of a traditional Bollywood movie. Credit also goes to Gold Ocean Communications, LG India’s Digital marketing partners who owned up the event in style like a genie.

Next few days and hours were dedicated to full fledged practice sessions with professional industry acclaimed choreographers and dancers and fastidious planning to put up a grand show. Surprise was the key element of the flash mob and everybody did their best to keep it under covers till the “D”- Day!

Finally, the much awaited day came. Pooja came for some weekend shopping at the Ambience Mall, Gurgaon and as the spy cams spotted her the flash mob hit the ground. A group of 100 young dancers whirled around the main gathering area dancing their way to popular Bollywood numbers. The entire mall amassed on hearing the high decibel sound beats.

Karan, of course was leading the rest of the dancers and we must appreciate him for a clinical performance, not being a professional dancer. Pooja was pleasantly surprised and her eyes sparkled on seeing Karan leaving no stone untouched to win her heart. Whistles, claps and words of appreciations were flowing in for Karan from all over for his brave attempt. Pooja stood amazed and eventually joined Karan for a cameo giving a sign of acceptance as the flash mob reached apogee.

The exuberant and thrilled crowd kept cheering Karan throughout. A very shy Pooja, said yes to Karan with a smile, giving him the best gift of the day. LGWRman Sherlock decided to appear to add some spur to this very special moment as the enthusiasts meddled to meet, greet and click with him on one of his rare appearances.

The official release of the Flash mob video on the LGWorldRecord YouTube channel received infinite hits and likes within hours and is one of the most watched clips right now.

This is the first ever and one of a kind performance conceived by a Global consumer electronics company in India and has been received positively all over. Tell us what you think by taking part in the discussion below.




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