How to Forward Office 365 Email to External Addresses – Office 365 Hack Tip

Today, the administrator of an Office 365 organization, requires to set up the email forwarding for a user mailbox. The email forwarding feature of Office 365 allow users to forward the emails sent to any user’s mailbox to any other user’s mailbox inside or outside of the company. In this editorial, we will let you know that how you can easily configure the mailbox to forward Office 365 email to an external address.

Forward Office 365 Email to External Address – Office 365 Hack Tip
Here’s an easy step to forward Office 365 Email to External address without having to go through rigorous steps.

How to Forward Office 365 Emails: Setup Email Forwarding in Office 365

Automatic email forwarding is utilized by many Office 365 users to forward the messages to any other user in an automatic manner. The Auto forwarding hides the real identification of actual sender who has been sent the message. Recipient only can know the sender who has forwarded the email. Also, the replies of the forwarded message that are sent by recipient, will go to sender’s email address who forwarded the messages. Here are steps for setting up email forwarding in Office 365:

  1. First, Sign in to Office 365 account
  2. Go to the top of the window and select Outlook or Mail menu or click on App Launcher and highlight Mail from the option list
  3. Click on Settings >> Options
  4. Hit the Account option and select Connected Accounts
  5. Click on Mail >> Accounts >> Forwarding to enable email forwarding in Office 365
  6. In the Forwarding option, type the email address of the recipient to whom you need to forward your Office 365 emails in Forward my emails to section
  7. Now, check Keep a copy of forwarded messages in Outlook Web App to save a replica of forwarded message
  8. Click on Start Forwarding option or go in the Forwarding section, enable the radio button corresponding to start Forwarding
  9. Hit the Save button to setup email forwarding in Office 365

What else do I need to know?

  1. The copy of forwarded emails is stored in the mailbox and it might increase the size of the mailbox. If the mailbox size limit gets exceeded, the email forwarding will get blocked. Hence, keep checking the mailbox size limit.
  2. While creating a rule, you can add more than one email addresses to forward emails. The total number of the email address that can be added, depends upon the settings of Office 365 account
  3. If you want to apply the forwarding rule for only a few messages and not for all then, choose the alternative other than, Apply to all messages
  4. It is also possible that the administrator may have blocked the Mail Forwarding in Office 365 account. Hence, test the rule after creating it.

Disable Automatic Email Forwarding in Office 365

Users may feel the need to stop or disable the email forwarding automatically. To turn off the email forwarding, follow the below-mentioned steps:

  1. Log in to your Outlook Web app
  2. From the right-top corner, click on Settings
  3. Navigate to Settings section and click on Options >> Accounts >> Forwarding
  4. Here, click on Mail >> Accounts >> Forwarding to disable email forwarding in Office 365
  5. Eventually, click on Stop Forwarding

Change the Email Forwarding Settings

Users can modify the email forwarding settings in Office 365 according to the requirements to forward office 365 to external options. One can change the mail forwarding settings via following down-mentioned guidelines:
1. Change the email address of recipient
2. Change the settings to save email copy
To change the forwarding settings, go with the below steps:

  1. Login to Office 365 account
  2. Click on Mail >> Settings
  3. Now select Mail >> Accounts >> Forwarding
  4. From the popup box, one can change the email settings in following manners:
    1. To change the email address of recipient, enter the new email address in Forward my email to box
    2. To change the option to store the copy of forwarded emails, select the desired checkbox
  5. Hit Save button to apply the done changes

Recommended Office 365 Tip
To import Outlook PST to Office 365 account use need to use Office 365 Importer tool that helps them to get their Outlook data to cloud and follow all the above steps as written. These steps would only be helpful to all those Office 365 account holder who have their Outlook email data in Office 365 cloud.

Summing Up

Users can use Inbox rules to automatically forward office 365 emails or redirect email messages from their office 365 mailbox to another account. This editorial is intended for Office 365 users who want to enable, disable or change the email forwarding in Office 365 account.

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