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Ever heard about Fotojet? I guess you haven’t!

Are you a person who loves selfie when you go outside? If you are such a person who like taking pictures time to time, you must have hundreds and thousands of pictures waiting to be dealt with. Have you ever found a way to do with those photos? Then I’ll tell you the way.

FotoJet photo collage site

Making some marvelous photo collages, posters or any photo art designs will be definitely to your liking when dealing with your life photos. FotoJet, a free online art designer, will help you much. Here let’s see how it can help.

Features of Fotojet online art designer

1. Easy Classic Photo Collages

With the Classic mode, you are able to make classic photo collages quickly with a few seconds and mouse clicks. FotoJet offers you various nice collage layouts for you to generate stunning photo collages with your own photos and all the necessary decorations. Then easily share it with your family and friends.

2. Creative Photo Collage

Fotojet 3D

If you don’t have any idea of collage in mind, just browser the hundreds of templates in FotoJet. You will be inspired and find your idea for the collage designs. There are numerous collage templates sorted in 5 categories, Modern, Art, 3D, Creative and Poster.  I just love the 3D ones to give me a strong visual impact.

Creative collage templates allow you to show your photos quickly in a beautiful design. With these templates’ help, it’s easier to create a creative and professionally designed photo collage online with personal photos.

3. Beautiful Social Media Art Designs

FotoJet also provides lots of social media art designs from Facebook cover to YouTube channel art, Twitter header, Facebook post, Instagram post, Pinterest graphic. If you are a social network fancier, it won’t let you down. With little effort and time, you will create good social media arts for these platforms which impress the visitors and lead them subscribe your page. The good thing is that you can personalize the design with your own photos and texts without hassles.

4.  Photo Card for Any Occasion

Fotojet photo cardYou needn’t be a photographer or an art designer. FotoJet, as a free online photo card maker, helps you make the best to your works. It has a wide range of stunning photo card templates for many different occasions like Anniversary, Graduation, Thank You, Travel, Baby, Birthday, Father’s Day, Wedding, etc.

4. Have Fun with Other Designs

Fotojet classic view

FotoJet is equipped with other funny design templates like magazine cover, photo comic and fun photo. Check them and you will love them and enjoy the endless funs definitely. With its flexible functionalities, it’s easily to experience the fun when making your designs.

FotoJet is free, however, the overall performance is very impressive. You are able to save your final photo collages as JPG or PNG format. It’s also very easy to share your collages to Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Tumblr. Besides, you can just print your design directly in the app.


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