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Free Android Games: Top 15 Best Free Android Games of 2018

Discover the Best Free Android Games of 2018!

Before Android, Windows ruled the gaming world as well as being the best operating system to date. But the introduction of Android 10 years back changed the gaming arena bringing thousands of games and apps on the Android Google Play Store. Compared to iOS, Android apps are mostly free and provide the best of the best results. Then again, that’s a generic response; most Android apps aren’t good quality, and some of them are expensive with poor consoles.

Knowing the best free Android game is not a big task as Play Store suggests best games up front. Whereas it’s a saying “if you don’t have good games on your smartphone then what are you using your smartphone for?”

That is the reason gamers look for games online to fill them on their smartphones. As per gamers request, we have come with a list of 15 Best Free Android Games of 2018.

Best Free Android Games for 2018 in Chronological Order


Minecraft among the many is a favorite game of 2018 and is being played by all ages. For all who have no idea about Minecraft; it’s a challenging mind game that puts you in a giant world where you mine boxes/stuff, build things, beat bad guys and basically does whatever you want. It’s essential you survive throughout the game with the help of your own resources along with creative possibilities. It can be played on your smartphones, PC, and consoles.

Minecraft android game
Minecraft is a game about placing blocks and traveling on adventures. It is set in boundless generated worlds of wide open terrain – from icy mountains to vast pastures, swampy bayouts – filled with hidden secrets, wonders, and peril to the player!


If your operating system is on Android, then Crashland is the game to download. Launched in 2016, this epic episode caters to an intergalactic trucker that crashes on alien terrain. The character’s job is to find out where he is, what is going on and build a base to send SOS help. Further, save himself from numerous dangers; all that in just one game with fantastic RPG element for character development. This game needs your mind and eyes focused.

CrashLands is one of best free android games you must download.
CrashLands is one of best free android games out there that you must download this year.

Pokemon Go

The legend Pokemon cards company created its hit game Pokemon Go in late 2016 and became a sensation in no time. The game got so much attention that users started playing the game regardless of watching where there were going which resulted in numerous accidents. It’s an augmented reality game quite similar to Ingress where you walk around the real world to catch Pokemon characters in the augmented world.

Pokemon Go Updates needs to have these features
The ability to trade or train your favorite Pokemon and many other elements of the Pokemon experience are just missing in the Pokemon Go update, but yet still, the experience still remain exciting.

Riptide GP Series

This series is the best of the best android game of 2018 as the best racers come together in one of the best illegal races held in the game. Play as a racer, get a hold of a supercar and battle your way through the impressive graphics and simple controls to maneuver your car and boost it through the Nitros built in the car. The game is filled with excitement and adrenaline. The best part is its , so your game won’t be disturbed.

Riptide GP - Renegade android game
Riptide GP – Renegade lets you experience the future of unlawful hydrojet racing. In this game, you will need to race against other armored riders, kick out death-defying stunts over massive waterfalls, avoid cops on the waterways, and increase your speeds across surging waves.

Rollercoaster Tycoon

This comes the classic PC game back from the early gaming times. It’s one of the very few games that isn’t filled with in-app purchases that hinder gaming performance. The game is all about building an amusement park where you need to become an architect designing each section of the park, set up shops to keep people happy and spend money on their amusement park. The original series comes up with the entire base of Rollercoaster Tycoon 2. 

RollerCoaster Tycoon
The ultimate roller coaster simulator game for android users let’s you build your dream amusement park right from your mobile. Still standing firm amongst the best free android games till date.

The Room Series

The game comprises of four puzzles with a franchise that does well on mobile. The recent series is just as big as its hit predecessor and remain the top game in the Android junction. The aim is to solve the mysterious puzzles and progress from room to room finding unique objects to further solve the level. It’s a good call for a free Android game. Go for it. Good news for Amazon customers too. You can as well play it if you are connected with Nintendo Switch.

The Room Series
The multiple award winning game, The Room series, has proven itself over the year as one of the best android games carting away the BAFTA Best British game, GDC best handheld and mobile game, and TIGA best design awards respectively. It is of record that Apple rated this same puzzle game as 2012 game of the year. That tells a lot about how good it game is!

Evoland 1 and 2

Evo 1 and 2 are one of the most happening Android games which use RPG, classing fighting, puzzles and top-down shooter. These are the best graphics used in the game and for any game. Each gaming trick goes back to the 90s where it all started. It’s a good game changer for game lovers with no in-app purchases, no ads and plenty of gaming till your battery dies.

Evoland game by Shiro Games
You want to play till your phone battery dries out? Evoland free android game by Shiro Games gives you just that! It is one of its kind game with no in-app purchases to disrupt your gaming experience and offers great UX.

MADFINGER Games (Unskilled, DeadTrigger)  

Madfinder is a big name in the game developing sector which brings hit games to the users. They include good FPS titles including Shadowgun series including the recently launched Shadowgun Legends and Dead Trigger series. Shadowgun comprises of fighter shooting multiplayer mode for both games.

MADFINGER Games (Unskilled, DeadTrigger)  
MADFINGER Games published both Unskilled, and DeadTrigger android games. These two free android games offer different styles of play and are available on the play store.
Dead Trigger (DeadTrigger)
Deadtrigger game brings out the zombie shooting experience out of you with a ton of missions filled with blood thirsty zombies.

While the Deadtrigger games include zombie shooters with a ton of missions filled with bloodthirsty zombies.

Noodlecake Studios

This game is for fun lovers. Includes lots of titles and varied options for you to customize the game. Among the many titles comprise of FRamed 1-2 which are designed for puzzle games. realMyst and its sequel. Noodlecake is a game for those thinkers. All you think tanks need to play this as keeping aside some clunkers, the majority of the titles are very nice. Just hit the play button and get on with it.

Critical Ops

This is the game of the century as new gamers definitely enjoy shooting, while first-person shooting is even more fun. The game is filled with terrorists in a layered design where urban-oriented levels give you a proper playground, to begin with. It includes multiplayer where you can play with your friends and challenge gamers online as well. With frequent updates, this game brings it all under one package and is free on the Google Play stores.

Critical Ops
C-OPS is a 3D multi-player for android mobile smartphone users. It comes with action filled TACTICAL skills and reflexes to help you succeed in the game.

Nova Legacy

Nova Legacy changed the way first-person shooting was done. Being the first Android shooting game, it took expectations to a new height. Packed with crazy graphics and controls, users found it really easy to maneuver all the controls and settings. Also, it includes Multiplayer mode, sci-fi storyline and a rudimentary crafting system making the game more real look alike. With the price tag, it’s perfect but extremely annoying with free-ads ruining the game.

NOVA Legacy
NOVA Legacy is a great game except its annoying ads. Aside those popup ads, the experience still remain one of the best for an android game.

Plague Inc

Strategy planning at its best; Plague Inc is a strategy game where you need to mutate and engage diseases and destroy the world with the heinous infestations. The aim is to infest as many people as you can to win the level. The game is real enough for the gamers to keep playing and plan strategies to infect the world with the diseases. Life savor is the ability to save and pause the game, so you don’t have to start the game all over again.

Plague Inc - Best Free Android Games
In a world where you are infected with the most prevalent disease and have a purpose to invest as many people as possible. Plague Inc offers you an unreal experience to witness a world where evil takes over. It is one of the best free android games you can’t do without!

Injustice 2

The name speaks it all. The original series gave fans a taste of brawlers picking a fight on their cell phones. At the same time it manages to integrate its console against the app where villains and superheroes rule, making your gaming experience worthwhile. Mobile version brings on fierce attacks and taking on superheroes with a powerful punch. The character has a signature move while blowing off steam from villains. With tons of content Injustice 2 is a lengthy campaign for all fist fight lowers with modes to keep you logged in on your game.

INJUSTICE 2 - Every Battle Defines You
Injustice 2 brings out the fierceness in your special ability to deal with evildoers. Your goal is to deliver on different superheroes with bad intentions.

Super Mario Run

Super Mario has been around since the 80s, and its one game that never gets old. The jingle and the little Mario has created a name in the gaming arena, but the perky plumber’s mobile debut is filled with an endless runner. For now, it’s for free android app but to enter the entire world of endless possibilities, you need to pay £9.99. On Android, the controls work effectively with goombas and carnivorous plants, and the unpredictable green pipes that rule planet mushroom.

Super Mario Run
The legendary Super Mario Run is right here again! Unlike in the PC version where you use the keyboard shortcut for control, the Mario is controlled by just tapping your android smartphone screen – to make the jump, run and do other amazing moves.

Sky Rusher

Built and created by the famous Voodoo, Sky Rusher is an ultimate free android game that takes you beyond the realm into the mysterious layers of the alien world. The game comprises of layers filled with obstacles and a spaceship that needs to maneuver avoiding those obstacles to win the game. The more distance you cover avoiding the obstacles, the more levels you win. Scoring points means you can upgrade to a new spaceship.

Avoid obstacles as much as you can if you aim to fly to the top in this Sky Rusher android game. It offers wide range of layers of challenges you have to scale through with your spaceship in order to get to the destination.

These 15 best free Android games will surely fill your devices with excitement and fun as after intense analysis, these games have been played and tested after user reviews. Surely your gaming experience will get more intense and extreme. It’s essential to understand these free android games may be geo restricted as well. That means hypothetically speaking Noodlecake Studio may be accessed for free in just one country. To download it for free without compromising your online privacy on kodi you need a VPN. That is the only software you need to swiftly give you installation option for all the games mentioned above.

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