Here’s Your Chance to Win one of 3 VPN Service Subscriptions from Kepard!

Finally, Internet surfers have been provided with a solution to the common problem of infiltration by hackers, viruses, illegal device monitoring, and other online problems!

By accessing the very best VPN service from Kepard, you can visit your favorite websites, download and upload content from the Internet, and even transfer sensitive data online without fear of hackers or viruses!

Kepard VPN account

Kepard is truly one of the leading innovators and software developers in the industry, and this innovation has resulted in some of the best encryption and protection standards available to consumers. Now, 3 people are going to have the chance to receive a 90-day premium VPN account from Kepard for free! That’s three months of the best possible online protection.

Kepard VPN service offers

Kepard’s incredible VPN account works with several different Internet browsing devices and operating systems, so you can be protected no matter what device you use most frequently. When you use our VPN subscription, you won’t have to mess with the crippled download and upload speeds caused by other competing software programs. Also, Kepard allows its users to choose from servers in five different countries and change servers as often as they want!

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Can You Benefit From Kepard’s Protection?

Kepard VPN servicesDo you browse the Internet on a regular basis? Have you have experienced data theft, had your system hacked by an unauthorized user, or downloaded a computer-damaging virus? Is malware giving you browsing woes? Are you concerned with IP address monitoring? If so, you can benefit from this protection! Kepard offers VPN services like US VPN, UK service and more to help protect you from a variety of threats.

The VPN premium account by Kepard is truly one of the most comprehensive and sophisticated programs of its kind. The peace of mind that you’ll have when you browse the Internet under the Kepard umbrella is totally worth the cost of the subscription. And if you’re chosen as a winner, you won’t have to pay a dime!

How to Enter the Giveaway

Entering the contest is a breeze. Follow these three basic steps, and you’re done!

1. Add your comment below and let us know why you think you should be chosen as a winner!

2. Send this tweet out to your audience:

Win one of 3 @Kepard #VPN Accounts via @techatlast @coolcash4live #giveaway. RT to enter #contest

3. Check out the Kepard Facebook page and click “like.” Don’t forget to check back because we’ll be announcing the winners on Facebook soon!


This giveaway will end on 20th June 2013.

Good luck and happy surfing!

Winners Announcement

We appreciate all who participated in the Kepard VPN account giveaway. We have selected 3 winners from who have tweeted this message and shared via their Facebook wall.

Here are the twitter accounts/names of our winners.

  1. @Xlimderek 
  2. Konga Felix
  3. @danazwex

How to get your free Kepard VPN account

The contest announcement is also on twitter, we shall tag you with our sponsor @kepard, and they shall tweet you to you on how to redeem your free VPN account.

Congratulations and thanks for participating, we promise to bring you more great offers!

Regards: Techatlast team!

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