5 Awesome Free Online Productivity Tools That’d Up Your Game

Nowadays it is more than unusual to meet a person who resides somewhere in the western world and doesn’t use their computer on a daily basis, or at least to a certain extent. Even the ones who have real trouble coping with these new technologies frequently use programs for processing information, web-based email accounts, social media, and sometimes nifty free tools for either entertainment or professional purposes (like image editors, audio/video streaming services and so forth).

In order to adapt themselves more adequately to the insanely quick pace of modern life, many embrace all sorts of free tools and apps which are simple by design, but offer great help when it comes to time-efficiency and productivity. Today we are going to introduce a couple of these free online productivity tools that can be extremely handy for all users, no matter how technologically savvy or advanced they are.

You Can Do More Than Expected With These Free Online Productivity Tools
HOW CAN I BE MORE PRODUCTIVE? You can do more than expected with these free online productivity tools.

Want some improvement? Use these free online productivity tools to up your game!

1. Fotor

Fotor is free web-based online photo-editor

Fotor is free web-based online photo-editor, and it has many amazing features like making a collage (which is great for making serious tutorials, and also for fun, making collages from your vacations pics for instance). It also has options for beauty retouching, making HDR photos, double exposure photos (a beautiful effect which is very complicated to achieve without Fotor). You can also create designs with different elements for your YouTube channel, social media post, or Facebook cover art and much more.

2. PDF to Excel

PDF to Excel

The most famous programs for information processing are Microsoft’s Word and Excel, and because they are so widely-spread, with each new update there are some fantastic new features. But as much as they are advanced, they have certain lacking in specific sections.

It is well known that Excel spreadsheets should be converted to PDF (Portable Document File) format before sending, so that the layout of the page wouldn’t get corrupted when the file is opened on another device. But the PDFs are read-only file types and cannot be edited regularly, they require a specialized program or a tool that can convert them back to their native state, in this case the spreadsheet.

PDF to Excel is a completely free tool that allows you to extract your Excel spreadsheets locked in PDF and then edit them without any problems. Besides the very accurate conversion, its best feature is that absolutely no user information is required, not even an email address.

3. Doodle

Doodle scheduling app

Doodle is a scheduling tool designed for busy individuals who often struggle with free time, and when a couple of people like this try to meet, either for business or simply for a cup of coffee, the process of arranging the meeting often becomes complicated and quite tedious.

This tool works on a principle that everyone on it marks the dates, locations and a specific time frames when they are available, and by doing this a match is automatically found every time that the time/place is in accord with all the participants. It really simplifies the process and the time needed to schedule any event.

4. XSplit Free

Xsplit app

XSplit is a streaming software perfect for both video and game streaming, and the free option allows you to set up a live high definition broadcasts without any troubles.

While the gaming section is pretty simple to understand, the regular video streaming can be used for a number of different reasons, ranging from education, tutorials and business, to music and other more relaxed subjects. It also has a personal and premium packages with whom you can get access to other more advanced features.

5. Buffer

Buffer App

As one of the best social media management tools around, Buffer is a great option for anyone who needs a software that is simple by design but has real power in its core. After creating the account you can add or remove networks and connect all your social media pages and profiles.

In the Analytics Lab you can access all the analytics reports where you can see your social media reach and quickly learn how to improve your marketing strategies.

With Buffer you can also create custom posting schedules, and choose the frequency of your daily posts. It can be used on all your devices via their mobile app, and directly from your browser using the add-on extension.

If you find yourself in any of the niches that these free online productivity tools are made for, be sure to give them a try and become more productive than ever before!


3 responses to “5 Awesome Free Online Productivity Tools That’d Up Your Game”

  1. Hackcrochet Avatar

    I did not know about it before. Thanks for Buffer, I’ll try to use it.

  2. Sakthi Avatar

    Hi Olawale,

    Thanks for listing some nice tools to boost the productivity of the online users. I use Buffer and PDF to Excel applications but unaware of the other three tools that you have listed here.

    I’ll check their details and try to make use of them to enhance my potency.

    1. Olawale Daniel Avatar

      You will sure like them Sakthi.

      They’re sure to make you more productive if you apply them to your daily routine.


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