The Future of Mobile Video Advertising from Expert Perspectives

With recent shifts drastically happening in the field of tech, we are here to make some predictions about the future of mobile video advertising. The experts, at Tech At Last, believe there are some very discernible trends in the video advertising landscape that will only expand with time.

Figuring out if employing machine learning would be smart here is the key to success in this current scenario. It will save human effort that is usually put into learning the cases stated. A human is bound to make a mistake 1 out of 100 times. This is a good reason to automate certain tasks. This would also help in mobile ad fraud prevention at a later stage when it comes to mobile video advertising.

Look Deep, How Does The Future Look Like for Mobile Video Advertising?

The Future of Mobile Video Advertising from TechAtLast Team Perspectives
With recent disruption drastically taking place in the field of tech, mobile video advertising is set to be the next wave of the moment. Here are some exciting predictions about the future of mobile video advertising for content and value creators and advertisers.

The future of mobile video advertising is looking rather bright. It’s one of those developments that we are fully confident about when it comes to the next era of tech evolution. We have already seen instances of Augmented Reality (AR) ads which have enabled advertisers to immerse a gamer in an advert be providing an additional dimension of engagement.

Short Video Ads Will Become the Way to Go

The amount of time people tend to spend on their phones is going through the roof. As a matter of fact, an ad during mobile usage really triggers the user badly. Users don’t want their entertainment time being disrupted by excessive mobile video advertising.

With time, we can see how shorter video ads are being considered as a better option for advertisers. Traditionally on social media platforms like Facebook, a video ad between 16 and 20 seconds long result in the best conversion rates. Similarly, a YouTube ad experiment discovered that traditionally a 15-second ad had more audience resonance. When comparing different advert lengths on YouTube, people retained the 15-second ad much better than its 30-second or 120-second versions.

With limited time, advertisers tend to be more mindful of the limitation and try to pack in everything. This would be done in a way where the mobile ad would be minimal and would convey all the information. This means that we are bound to come across a completely different format of advertising that does this sooner than later. This would be in the form of short video ads that would be in the style of an infomercial. These will become more and more common and would, therefore, be a more sensible option. This is because the idea of any advertisement would be to convey information and convince. To show a rather long ad would upset the user while showing too short of an ad would be pointless (considering a regular ad would be 10-20 seconds max).

With the availability of advertising platforms like App Samurai, advertisers are now able to devise video campaigns on their own. It also enables them to identify mobile ad frauds. They can then prevent bad audience experiences by blocking the ad placement. This protects the audience and ensures that they do not have to sit through an irrelevant ad.


In achieving your desired mobile advertising goal, there is a cogent need to invest in a reliable mobile advertising platform to aid the ad campaign. Doing that would give you leverage that would enable you to boost campaigns, do acquisition campaigns, and prevent mobile ad fraud without breaking the bank. You can’t factor in some of these points and still find it difficult to get higher traction of the audience attention.

Go make these effective mobile video advertising changes and come back to share your experience with the TechAtLast community here.


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  1. Shubham Saha Avatar
    Shubham Saha

    True, Machine Learning / Artificial Intelligence is definitely going to be the next thing, not only in Ads but in every aspect of industry. Great article tho

    1. Olawale Daniel Avatar

      Yeah Saha,

      We are just getting started to witnessing machine learning in its rightful glory. Artificial intelligence is here to stay and don’t be surprised if you visit TechAtLast next time and you were greeted by one Alan!

      That’s what AI does, and thanks to the machine learning library behind it! 🙂

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