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Garden Apps: 4 iOS Apps Every Apple Garden Owner Should Try!

How to Improve Your Garden Performance with iOS Garden Apps?

Hey, summer came – the hottest time for improving your garden, for making your yard an object of envy for your neighbors and for harvesting fresh fruit and veggies as well as beautiful flowers. Don’t miss the opportunity to improve your lawn or garden while the weather outside is the most favorable. If you are into gardening deeply for years or just want to have a small well-groomed garden you can take an advantage of the useful iOS apps dedicated to such delicate stuff as gardening tricks and tips. How to avoid weeds catastrophes, how to plant to get the best harvest from your garden, professional gardening tips for novices and experts – all these and many other theme related guidelines are offered in small apps you can download from  the AppStore for free or for a token payment.

Prepare to become an owner of the best garden and backyard in a neighborhood with the help of these cool gardening apps for your iPhones and iPads. So, if you looking for the best garden apps for your gardening activities, these great gardening apps are sure to make you go gaga! It is because they are gonna help a lot in improving your garden performance and you don’t have to do keyword research for how to improve your garden once you have these four great apps with you.

iOS Garden Apps for Improving Your Gardens

1. Landscaper’s Companion

The essential iOS application for every gardener!

Price in the AppStore: $ 4.99

Landscaper's Companion - The best Gardening Reference Guide for iPhone users
Landscaper’s companion

 If you need to keep on your iPhone a huge database of plants, shrubs and trees I highly recommend to apply this particular program since its built-in encyclopedia contains more than 1,300 articles categorized in 15 various categories including even house plants except different outside shrubs and perennials plants. The best feature of this application, to my humble opinion, is that all articles include more than 5000 of photos illustrations different species for quicker and more detailed reference. Landscaper’s Companion can easily become your irreplaceable assistant for gardening work.

<<Download Link>>

2. iGarden USA app

USA Garden App for the passionate U.S. located gardeners!

Price in the AppStore: $ 4.99

iGarden USA - The best Gardening Helper App for iOS mobile users
iGarden USA app

Many gardeners find this application lame because it works only for U.S. citizens but I personally find its concept quite interesting and want to share it with you. iGarden USA  defines your garden’s location in the USA and gives well-thought tips and recommendations on vegetable harvesting and plant growing in your area. Seems a pretty cool idea? Let’s hope iOS programs’ developers living in other countries will create similar apps.

I choose to use this particular application because it gives concrete hints on terms when to select and plant seeds, when to aerate/water/harvest, etc. A novice will definitely find this gardening application useful.

<<Download Link>>

3. Gardens

Get free and top video tutorials for improving your garden on the go!

Price in the AppStore: $ 5.99

Gardens iphone and iOS app for gardeners success
Gardens ios app

I think many gardening experts will agree with me that it can be useful to have at fingertips few essential video tutorials on how to plant, take care and yield the harvest in a garden. And Gardens gives such opportunity to all iPhone/iPad users by providing a great selection of very informative videos categorized according to the most essential questions a novice may have like garden design ideas and so on. The only lack of this app is that like all video stuffed programs on iPhone it works a bit slower than other iOS tools.

<<Download Link>>

4. Garden Tracker

The best application for tracking down your gardening progress!     

Price in the AppStore: $ 1.99

Garden tracker iOS app for Apple phone users
Garden tracker iphone app

As for me, it is a pretty irritating and difficult to remember all those plants, fruit and veggie related schedules for planting and harvesting especially if you have a huge garden. This small but smart app gives you an opportunity to keep tracking every plant, shrub or tree growing process – when to water, when to yield and when to aerate and so on. It is extremely easy to schedule your gardening work by means of Garden Tracker since it has the built-in reference options like lunar calendar, a map of garden zones, a huge pest database and even a sunrise/sunset calendar.

<<Download Link>>

Have something to add?

Personally I find this collection of gardening apps pretty full but I’m sure some of you have the opposite opinion. Please, share with me and readers your thoughts on these or other iPhone/iPad apps that can be helpful for a gardener despite his skills’ level – all recommendations are highly welcome!

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