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General Downloader, is one of the family, General Community, it is a free application that makes downloading of files and basically for its general family members, like GF and GC and some others. If you’ve been searching for a free rapidshare downloader, then, you see one that will make everything simple for you and very interesting. Don’t struggle to download from file hosting sites any more. This application is the perfect mega download manager I ever seen because of its features.

This application serves as a grace for the prayers of all the other websites because, when you search for files and other from its family websites, you will still come to this application before you can download those files. It serves as the site that makes the grace just as in prayer, it also look as the payment processor for all the other websites, though, it is free to use but if we think about it very well – you will agree that it looks that way.

Now, no more “now wait for 1 minute before downloading” “visit our sponsor’s page” and some other words of such

The main function of this website is to make it easier for all its users to be able to download anything they are searching for on sites like General Files or General Catalog. It makes it easier for people to download any links from those sites without the need of going back to the original file host like hotfile, 4shared, uploading, fileserver, filesonice, deposit files, rapidshare, madshare,, letitbit. It helps you download those files right from its server and thereby giving more option to save your internet connection bandwidth and precious time.

Instead of getting tired of filling those CAPTCHA on those websites or instead of waiting for the site to load you there free versions to download, GD will help you pass over those verification and give you what you want directly.

The General Downloader is the  most essential part of this system overall because without GD, you can be able to download all the files and stuffs you see on the other websites in this family.

Features of General Downloader

Bypass Restriction

This site makes it easier for you as a user to bypass several limitations of the file-sharing websites. You don’t need to wait much before you can download the file you wanted to download.

Ability to Rate and Get Good Info on Files

What is essence of downloading the wrong file? I don’t think it worth’s wasting one’s precious time in downloading what is not what we want. You can get user suggestions and rating from the General World family as well and that will keep you updated with the rating of the files you wanted to download. You will also be able to know if the file has recently been reported for issues or not – that will save you money and time.

Up to Date Download

Ability to Search for anything you want and download them in a twinkle of an eye without any kind of limitation.

Integrated with File-Hosting Sites

Don’t worry any more if you were unable to download a file from one popular website due to limitations, you can now download that same files from other websites that even have better platform by just using the GD platform.

GD sites

General Downloader now supports downloading from the direct links and from the following file-hosting websites

In conclusion

General Downloader in short is an application that lets you download files from all the direct download links on the internet and it also make it easier for you to download from different file-hosting websites on the web.

Have you ever used this service before or you have used any of its brother services? Let’s hear you comment.



11 responses to “General Downloader – General Index of General File Download Links”

  1. Leisa Dreps Avatar
    Leisa Dreps

    Will this make my research easier? I’m having problems with most of the files I need for my market research in the web. I think I’m gonna thank you in advance. I find your review useful. 😀

  2. tom Avatar

    Does the General Downloader also enable you to halt, and restart the downloading of files from sites such as Rapidshare and Megaupload?

  3. Akash Avatar

    I am reading about this downloader for the first time but can you please tell me Olawale – can I download youtube videos on my PC by this downloader.
    thank you in advance 🙂

    1. Olukunle Moses Avatar
      Olukunle Moses

      Hi Akash, give it a trial.

      1. Akash Avatar

        oh great ! It is working like a charm. It is downloading youtube videos easily by snatching their downloading URL. thanks 🙂

        1. Olawale Daniel Avatar

          I’m happy you found General Downloader useful. Hope you’d share it with your friends?

  4. Tony Avatar

    I just tried General Downloader and it’s super shady. It installed a Chrome extension that monitors all of my web activity without my permission and without informing me.

    1. Olawale Daniel Avatar

      That should be a bug. I will try find a solution to that for you. I’m sorry for this.

  5. Kelly Avatar

    Found this when looking for good file sites/software. Will definitely give this a try, also found a good coupon for premium account if anyone is interested. Thanks 🙂

  6. john smith Avatar
    john smith

    Does it support resume option?

    1. Olawale Daniel Avatar

      The older version does!, but I don’t know if the latest version has that because its been long that I have used it last.

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