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How to Get Free .com Domain Name for Your Small Business

Just yesterday as I was reading an article on one of my favorite blogs, I noticed an article on the blog explaining how to get free .com domain name for free, and I decided to browse through!

It is happening again because you can now have your own .com domain name all for free courtesy of Google, the popular search engine and search marketing giant. The new free domain name initiative is a product by Google with aim of helping every offline businesses to go online!

To me, I think it is another Google’s way of GIVING BACK to the community.

If you have been waiting for an opportunity to go online, this article will be showing you how to register and obtain a free dot com domain name for your website and business setup with no string attached.

How To Get Free .com Domain Name Registered

Google have just launched a new  program aimed at helping people like you and me to get our business started online and it is called, Wisconsin Get Your Business Online Program. The Google’s Wisconsin Get Your Business Online was initiated to create an easy platform for all small business to get online without hassle.

This program is designed to help every small businesses that has good and real products but with small or limited online resources to get started doing business online with free .com domain name registration with support from intuit.

This is not a joke; your business’s going to be online this year, even this week because everything can be setup in minutes. You don’t need to pay for this service at all! The service is proudly sponsored by Google.

In order to achieve this aim, Google have partnered with Intuit Company, SCORE, the Association of Small Business Development Centers, and Meetup, and they are helping business owners host for free with their basic .com domain name.

This project can be accessed from WinsconsinGetOnline website (Wisconsin Get Online Project). And like I said earlier, it is a free program that can be accessed from any country of the world – this is not a limited opportunity for a group of people. Everybody has the right to get their own free domain names from this project with the support from Google. 

Additional services along with the free .com domain offer:

  • Free customized .com domain name
  • Free one year web hosting
  • Free and easy to build Intuit website
  • Free one training and tools
  • $75 Google Adwords credit

I know you will surely like to get your own domain name right away after considering all the features provided above and many others. So, I shall be sharing with you an easy to understand tutorial on how to get your .com domain name for free with step-by-step-guide.

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How to Get Your .com Domain Name Registered for One Year Free:

1. First of all visit Wisconsin Get Online official homepage through this link.

2. Click on “GET YOUR FREE WEBSITE” button.

winsconsin get online google initiative <<click the image for larger view>>

3. Before you could continue to the next step, you would have to sign up for a free Intuit website account (see the image below for help on that).

4. Sign in with your Google account into the Intuit sign in page, else, you can sign up for new Google account from the page by clicking “create an account link” instead.

5. Select the “Allow Access” option and then click “Continue” button to go to the next page of the setup page.intuit - winsconsin get online google initiative link account with Google account popup

 <<click the image for larger view>>

6. What next on the line is to input your intuit website account password. Once you do that, then you will be prompted to accept the Intuit terms and conditions do it and click on “continue” button.

intuit - winsconsin get online google initiative continue to link account with Google account popup

<<click the image for larger view>>

7. You will be redirected back to Intuit page for completion of your registration or logging process. That is when you will be able to select your free domain name from their website page. (click the continue button as in the above screenshot).How to get free domain name - 3 steps

<<click the image for larger view>>

8. And you will be taken to the next page where to select your .com free domain name.

That page contains three basic steps you can take.

Select the first step – i.e. “choose domain name (e.g. www.yourwebsitename.com) for your website”.

9. Enter the domain name that you wanted to register into the domain name search box and check for its availability. Make sure to search for good domain names that you can find available online. You can use a great domain suggestion tool provided by DomainTools.com for help on that for free.

Free .com Domain Name from Google and intuit

<<click the image for larger view>>

10. Once your domain name is available, click on Get Domain button to register the domain name.Free Domain name registration domain center

<<click the image for larger view>>

11. Fill in your registrar details for your new website. Enter your address, telephone number, street address and many other details asked and click SAVE and CONTINUE.

Before your registration is submitted, the system will prompt you to review your details before final submission. Quickly review and accept the terms of service and then submit your new domain name registration information.

Please take note of this: You must uncheck the (Recommended) option for domain privacy that is there. If you check that option, you will be charged $1 every month for privacy of your domain name.

12. Select the form for review and a popup will appear asking for your BILLING INFORMATION. Don’t panic!

Your domain name is free but they want to collect this to prevent fraudulent activities on the account.

Enter your billing address and the debit/credit card information on the page as shown below.free domain name billing info

Now the challenge comes! No every one of us bloggers and small business owners have real or valid credit/debit card for online payment, and in order to have a valid credit card for this option, you need to create a virtual visa credit card.

Solution to Creating Virtual Card

Entropay.com offers you feature to create a real virtual card for your online transactions with a great feature that will allow you to link your local bank account with their website for easy transfer of money hitherto.

However, if you don’t really want to create virtual card from the website or they give you limitation because of their verification process, you can use the details explained below just to get your domain name. The card is available online free to use. You should know that you are doing that at your own risk though!

Just fill the name on the card below into the billing option on the site so that you can purchase your domain and you must provide good payment option when you wanted to renew the domain next year.

Fake Virtual Credit Card for fast payment

Assume you have fill the form or generated your own virtual card, then click on Purchase button.

Hurray! You have successfully created your own new .com free domain name. But note that it may take some hours for the account to be activated.

After activation, what next is for you to build the site, you can use their custom website builder to do the rough work or you can change the name servers by pointing it to another web hosting companies for hosting the site.

I believe you find this post useful because it will help you save money online by creating your own free .com domain name? Please share it with your friends on Facebook, Google+ and Twitter for them to benefit from this opportunity simply by sigining up for their own free .com domain name now!

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