Spotify – Now on Facebook, How to Get Free Spotify Invitation Explained

The music playing software application site known as Spotify which we shared among the top 5 best websites on the internet for 2011 about months ago is now hot on the internet. People are now listening to the music, they need new lyrics to feed their eardrum and many others has started subscribing to either the premium or the unlimited version of the site because of the huge benefits they can get back in return for their money.

Spotify is known to be a platform where people can use to save and listen to musics on the go! You don’t have to carry your laptop, iPad, iPhone or android device alongside when you are going out anymore before you can listen to music. Everything is now on the go! You can listen to your favorite music while on travel or on vacation without much stress of taking your laptop or smartphones along.

Also, another great news for people that love spotify is that the service is now available for facebook users too. You can now listed to music on Facebook and access more of Spotify benefits on the go while you are surfing your social media site, Facebook. Since the service is now fully available to the people in the US.

However, if you are looking for free invitation, you can get it via spotify invite request link here  and start to enjoy the benefits of the site or you pay for the service by yourself.

In case that link does not work for you, here is another method you can use to get in without paying for Spotify:

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