201 Ways to Get More Subscribers to your Email List – Part 4

In the last article in this series “201 Ways to Get Awesome Traffic to Your Blog”, I made mentioned of different techniques you can use to keeps on getting awesome traffic to your blog or website, so today, I will be treating the topic different ways to get awesome subscribers”. I think this is the best way to get more subscribers if you are smart enough.

 The amount of subscribers you are able to gather to your mailing lists from your website can be referred to as the future of your online existence. If you don’t have people on your mailing lists, it would be very much difficult for you to make any impacts in the internet world, just like what Onibalusi Bamidele said in his guest post why traffic should not be your priority”. He said that you should not focus much on getting traffic but on getting more people subscribing to your mailing list.

Why is that very key to getting more subscribers?

It is one of the best way to drive genuine traffic to your website. The success of your website depends mostly on the amount of people that are ready and willing to read what you have on the site. Those happy people that are almost ready to come to your website and read whenever you send them email are the reason why you are blogging.get more subscribers

As a blogger who will love to become successful in his blogging career, he/she must be ready to learn ways to capture email lists because if you don’t; you will still continue to loose more traffic because even when you get more traffic, without getting their details, you can’t have access to follow-up on them at the time when they don’t look as if they will come back to your blog. So what are the techniques you can use to capture people’s email address in order to be able to contact them when you need them to come and read something great on your website?

In this article today, I will be showing you some of the ways you can use to capture reader’s details so as to use it to follow-up on them later in years to come. The success of a blogger depends on the amount of people (subscribers) that the person was able to keep on his/her mailing list for a very long time. I have careful outlined below the top 5 steps to take to start capturing reader’s details on your website into your mailing list.

#1. Setup RSS feed for Your Blog

The first thing that you need to do if you want your website to become a place where most of your readers would be flooding back to at every time, you should make sure that you have an RSS Feed for your readers to subscribe to because it will keep them updated with what you are sharing on the site. The moment you active and start publishing RSS feed on your blog; everybody that subscribed to it will starts to get latest post updates in their email address even without you having to do anything to make that successful. It only requires you of some minutes to setup an RSS feed for your blog and after that, you start to enjoy getting awesome traffic to your blog.

#2. Use FeedBurner to Distribute Your RSS Feed

The next thing you are required to do after you’ve setup your website’s RSS feed, then you can start to think of the service you will use to distribute your RSS feed to your readers. I will advice you in this regards that you should make use of Feedburner because it is the best for now and you won’t be having lots of problems as many people normally have to face one or two problems in delivering their RSS feeds. Apart from just creating your blog’s feed, you have more other features you can benefit from in using Feedburner service to deliver your RSS to your readers, the service has free statistics option that which you can use to check the amount of people that open your email, you can know the exact number of people that click from the post to your website and some other useful information.

Another thing that you should remember when you want to subscriber to this service is that it is free to use but you need to have a Google account because the service is owned by Google Inc.

If you want to get the most out of your RSS feed you should sign-up for a Feedburner account. It is completely free, and you’ll get a wide range of features, including statistics about your subscribers, customization options and so on. Feedburner, certainly will make your website RSS feed compatible with most browsers and RSS readers, so you won’t lose any subscribers due to technical problems.

#3. Enable FeedBurner Email Subscriptions for Your Readers

Having RSS feed for your blog without an email subscription been enabled is like wasting most of the treasures you have. Activating RSS email subscription wouldn’t cost you a damn than a minute or second in your Feedburner account settings page. To activate this features in order to allow people to access your website’s feed via their email, you should go to the “publicize” section of your Feedburner account. To access your Feedburner account setting page, go to www.feeds.feedburner.com and then login with your Google’s account details. From the next page, after logging in, then click on the feed you’ve already created before and then go to the section where you will see publicize and then click on it and you can activate this feature from your account.

After you activate this feature, you will be given a code that you will have to paste on your website in order to start working in collecting subscribers.

#4. Create Email Newsletter Concurrently with your Techniques

What are the functions of newsletters? What are the end results of using email newsletters? Are email lists good or bad?

Some of this is the questions which many people do ask on daily basis and I will be finding an answer to them right here below.

Newsletters are vital information that is passed from one person to another through their email address. Newsletters can be in form of a daily notification of things that which the receiver is ready and willing to receive. With newsletters, you can engage your website readers better by using this medium to call them into acting on the information that you have shared with them via the email.

Instead of struggling in getting means to capture emails of people, you can use services like www.MailChimps.com or www.Aweber.com or better still www.Getresponse.com. With these services, you can create automated messages in form of a newsletter for your readers which can be specified to a given time to deliver to each subscriber without the need of sending the mail one after the other.

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