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Africa can now use Gmail SMS to Mobile Phone Feature

Before the advent of email messaging, the mode of communication is through the post mailbox, especially when it comes to sending a vital documents. Nowadays, the email messaging system has made things so easy and fast, with just a tap on a button, your admission letter has already gotten to you instead of waiting for a decade like it used to be.

As technology improves and the advents of mobile phones, things get more easier. Sometimes you might be somewhere where you need an urgent information, there, you have got no internet, facilities. Your friend with an internet can quickly send the message to your mobile phone, and you read a text message.

This technology has been in existence for sometimes now, but Google is just bringing its own service of this kind to Africa through its mailing service,

This new service, called ‘Gmail SMS’ will be launching first in Ghana, Nigeria, and Kenya. With the Gmail SMS, you can send and receive emails as SMS using your mobile phone, with or without internet connection.

A reply can be made by simply hitting, “Reply” from your mobile phone. You can also control the emails they are receiving with different commands, such as MORE, PAUSE and RESUME. Google said this service will be free of charge, but there will be an SMS standard rate when you use this service.

Check the Google Africa blog to check instructions on how you can set up this service for your phone.

I have been using this feature on my smartphone and dull phone (you know those low-end Nokia devices around $20 in Africa!), and the feature looks interesting to me. You can try it for yourself!

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