Google Acquires Apture

With the email I received in my inbox yesterday from the APTURE team, it shows that the service will be discontinue as from Dec. 20 of this year. Below is the excerpt of the email:

Hi there,

We’re writing to let you know that Apture has been acquired by Google.

Since day one, we’ve been working on getting the Apture experience into as much of the web as possible. While we’re proud of having helped thousands of publishers enhance their websites, we think now is the best time to expand our efforts by joining Google’s Chrome team to help build the next generation user experience directly into the web.

On December 20 we will discontinue Apture’s product and services. When this happens, users will no longer be able to highlight and search terms with Apture on your web pages. Your website will continue to work as normal even after our service is suspended; however, you are free to remove the Apture//

We want to thank you personally for your support and positive feedback over the years, and we hope you’ll stay tuned for some amazing new Chrome experiences coming your way.

You can view the announcement here on our homepage, or check the FAQ below.


The Apture Team



When Apture’s service is discontinued, will that break my website or cause problems for users?

Nope, your pages will continue to load normally, but users will no longer be able to highlight and look up terms using Apture.


What will happen to data Apture has collected from my websites?

All data from your website has been deleted.


What will happen to Apture AutoEnhance links and Hotspots after Apture’s service is discontinued?

After December 20th, Apture Hotspots will no longer appear on your website and all AutoEnhance links will appear as regular links.

With the above email, it has now been proved that Apture is no more APTURE starting from December 22, 2011 because Google has taken over the affairs of the service after reaching the aggreement. But, what normally concerns some group of people is that, is the service going to affect blogs that are using Apture service? I think that would not happen if with what they just wrote on their homepage.Google acquired Apture

In the meantime, Google has acquired some bigger companies in order to expand their reach and notable among them is the the acquisition of Motorola patent right some months ago.

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