Top 18 Google Greatest Acquisitions Ever in History

Google has acquired more than 100 companies over the past decades and we have some of these sites and products to share with you here (the outstanding of all Google Acquisitions since its inception). But most of these acquisitions weren’t doing well as they are before the acquisition by Google. But this post isn’t about how well, it is about how many of them.

Google Greatest Acquisition ever
Google Greatest Acquisition ever

So, this post is showing you the Top 18 Google Acquisitions ever:

1. dMarc Broadcasting – $102 millions: It is now integrated in Google Adsense.

2. On2 Technologies- $133 millions: It was a video compression company.

3. – $182 millions: It was the third-largest Facebook App developer

4. Admeld- $400 millions: It was a web-based ad optimisation service.

5. Postini- $625 millions: It was a web-security company.

6. ITA software- $700 millions: It was a travel industry software developer.

7. AdMob- $750 millions: It was a Mobile Advertising Company.

8. Youtube- $ 1650 millions: Everyone knows about this giant Online Video streaming website.

9. Doubleclick- $3100 millions: It was ad service provider.

10. Motorola Mobility- 12,500 millions: The Motorola Mobile is a mobile phone manufacturer.

11. Aardvark social search – $50 million: Social search Q&A service provider

12. Slide social gaming, $179 million: For creation of standalone application.

13. Jambool social payment platform, $70 million: Online mobile-payment platform

14. Invite Media ad platform, $81 million: Ad technology company.

15. Feedburner RSS tools, $100 million: RS feed service which is now being used as Feedburner.

16. visual search, $100 million+: It is a company that caters for what women loves and Google bought it, but failed.

17. Applied Semantics, $102 million: It is one of the best acquisition by Google because this is the same company behind Adsense. It is a paid search advertising platform.
18. Android mobile platform, “up to” $50 million (estimated): It is the popular Google Android OS platform and it is one of the Successful Google Acquisition ever.
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These are the Top Google Acquisition for your reading pleasure and if we have more of them, we’ll let you know except Apture Acquisition which was still undisclosed.
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