Top 10 Ways of using Google Analytics Tools to Boost your Web Design Business

Top 10 ways of using Google Analytics tools to boost your web design business

Google Analytics is one of the best ways to learn about your company and its customers, and if you’re smart enough, you can use it to improve and develop your business. Most businesses want a lot of traffic on their landing page, and much of that traffic can be generated by working hard to improve their search engine rankings. Google Analytics is a marketing tool that can help you by providing insights into visitor behavior on your site. 

Google Analytics data can be accessed online or via a mobile device. The Google Analytics tool offers an enormous amount of data. Knowing how to navigate the platform and sort through the reports is critical to your success. This article will discuss the following ways of using Google Analytics tools to boost your Web design business.

Top 10 ways of using Google Analytics tools to boost your web design business:

1. Identify and understand your audience:

Knowing your target audience is half the battle in any successful business venture. Google Analytics can help you identify and understand what your target audience wants. It lets you see where most of your customers navigate and exit. You can determine your customer’s objectives, monitor their spending, learn their expectations, and improve their experience. Try to answer the following questions using Google Analytics reports.

  • What is the visitor demographic?
  • How do customers discover new items?
  • Do your customers do what you want or expect?
  • What percentage of customers are converting?
  • Where do customers leave your website’s goal unfulfilled?

Google Analytics answers some of these questions by stating each visitor’s country of visit, search method, device, and OS.

2. Keep an Eye on Your Bounce Rate:

Bounce rate is one of the most important metrics to consider when optimizing your website. If most visitors leave after only viewing one page, you know you need help. However, there are several options! First, you can compress images, remove unused CSS or JavaScript, and ensure that your pages load quickly, are attractive, and are easy to use. 

3. Search Engine Optimisation:

SEO is one of the most important skills to learn if you want to grow your online business successfully. One of the most fundamental but critical aspects of SEO is using keywords correctly and effectively to rank higher on search engine pages.

With your Analytics account and Google’s search console, you can see which keywords are popular and how to incorporate them into your site.

4. Use the organic visitor segment:

Google Analytics has a helpful tool called “segments,” which groups visitors with similar characteristics and behaviors. The best feature is choosing which behaviors to look at and which traits to group.

Knowing how many website visitors you receive in a week is useful, but it is usually preferable to know how many were using PCs and viewed at least three pages before making a purchase.

5. Put Mobile First:

Google Analytics tells you how much traffic comes from desktops and mobile devices. Given the growing importance of mobile traffic (approximately half of all Google searches), optimizing it is critical. If your mobile traffic has a high bounce rate, it’s time to make your site more responsive and load faster. However, if your website is mobile-friendly, Google will reward you with a high ranking.

6. Use campaigns to track traffic:

You can integrate your online marketing campaigns with Google Analytics to receive detailed reports on how they affect visitor behavior. Using sophisticated analytics to evaluate your campaigns allows you to understand better and compare the performance of multiple content marketing campaigns.

You can use Google Analytics to determine which devices customers use and which marketing channels produce the most conversions.

When you add analytics to your campaign, you will notice that extra parameters are added to the end of your page URL. 

7. Identify important keywords:

What keywords do people search for when they find you? And what do you want them to be? If you combine these two answers, you’ll have done an excellent job of optimizing your website, connecting with users interested in your product or service, and increasing your profits. Moz, Google Keyword Planner, and SEMrush are a few tools to consider.

8. Analyze other websites:

It’s not cheating! Google Analytics will allow you to peek at your competitors’ data. Comparing aspects like web traffic will allow you to see what other websites are doing well and apply that to your site.

You can use platforms such as GTmetrix to compare your Web Design New Orleans performance to that of others. Remember that analyzing and adapting differs significantly from blatant copying. It is critical to distinguish your website and set it apart from the crowd!

9. Enhance the User Experience:

Enhancing the user experience is essential to using Google Analytics for website optimization. Concentrating on user experience allows you to extend the length of your average visit, reduce bounce rates, and increase overall engagement, all of which contribute to higher conversion rates.

A positive user experience is essential for retaining and attracting visitors. It fosters trust and satisfaction among your users, increasing the likelihood that they will return to your site and even become repeat customers.

10. Optimize a user’s journey on your website:

A user’s journey on your website begins before they arrive. The goal is to generate traffic that converts or takes action on your website. Try to identify areas of your user experience that require improvement. You can track user journeys on your website using the Behavior Flow report, which visualizes their path.

It aims to convert users through the following steps.

  • Driving traffic via SEO
  • Driving them through the homepage
  • Sending them via product pages.
  • Leading them to make a purchase


Your website analytics play a critical role in your online performance. SoftCircles has a team of professional web design companies who work around the clock to ensure their clients’ satisfaction. People from all over the world hire us to design websites. As an exceptional service, residents of New Orleans and the surrounding areas are welcome to visit our office and discuss their package in person. Others can, on the other hand, choose to meet with our experienced web designers virtually. That is why investing in your company’s best website analytics tool is critical.

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