Google Chrome OS 8 – Here comes the new Google operating system

In middle of last two years, 2009, Google has promised us that his new operating system Chrome OS 8 would be completed by the fall of 2010. Last year, Google’s mobile OS, android became the number one rival to Apple’s iOS because of its fast improvement and the large supports it has for most of the mobile phones developers app. Google has released a candidate status to Chrome OS and has also unofficially leaked the November 11 release date for the OS. Chrome

Google Chrome OS is an operating system that is based on the cloud through the power of “ chromoting”,  somehow similar to a remote desktop application which will let you access your computer applications through the browser. This feature alone makes it very fast and lightweight because it was hosted on the cloud and it doesn’t have to pass through all the rigorous test that others passed through before producing the results.

The main goal of Google releasing the Google Chrome OS is to compete in netbooks, tablets and mobile devices industry which WiWindows clearly dominates for now. Google has recently acknowledged that the Android OS is not fully prepared to support these platforms, and LG in response to that have cancelled the launch of its Optimus Froyo tablet.

Google Chrome 8 will come with a serial Instant

The expansion of the Chrome family goes beyond its next to come operating systems. The dev. team has just released the version 8.0.552.0 Google Chrome dev, and that’s a big bet that the future is even brighter as the currently waiting to be released one promises a 60-fold faster internet browsing experience.

In the browser, there will be hardware acceleration. The search giant, Google make sure that it integrates its new product, Google Instant by default in the browser search bar.

There are more other application that are underway and one of them is the ability to print files directly from the cloud, and it is called Google Cloud Print.

The integration of the cloud into this feature will let users send documents to the cloud in order to print them from their home at the right time they wanted to.

For the blatant Google Chrome 8.0.552.0 developers, you’ll need to access the development area of the Chromium. And this version works on all Windows OS model from Microsoft XP onwards, and also the Mac OS X? and Linux OS.

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