Google Closes Down More of its Products – iGoogle, Mini and GTalk Widget

Google closes down more products, Google mini, iGoogle, and Google Talk widget for Mebbo barGoogle is at it once again with the announcement of some of its popular and unknown products going to be pushed down from the internet, or stop providing support for starting from coming weeks. Discontinuing a product or some products is one of the company’s custom and maybe it is one of the reason they are so special company ever since the company’s establishment some years ago.

The latest Google announcement on Products to be stopped or closed down this season includes some of their popular products, which are iGoogle, Google Mini with some kind of overlap with the company’s site appliance, Site Search and the Commerce Search – so that makes it hard for Google Mini to stay active with these two having similar qualities with the product, and it is certain to go down at the end of this month. However, as a backup and giving back to the current customers, the popular search giant will still continue to provide support up until the end of the customers contracts before closing their accounts down – and it is not certain whether Google will still reach out to them in near future but they may anticipate for that.

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Also on the line is the Google Talk widget, it is getting destroyed as well in favour of the recently acquired service, Meebo bar, and Google Video (which no longer as at this moment accepts video uploads) is to be discontinued by August 20, with all the remaining contents on the server being moved or already moved to YouTube – that’s a great sign of Google empowering Youtube for better delivery since the need for video sharing is ever-increasing by the day.

It is frustrating for customers or user accepting a product only to be booted out of the service few years after.

It seems Google is going into all business venture to experiment whether their attempt will work or not – if it works, they build a good business around it, but if it doesn’t, they will delete idea by sending it into the trash bin, leaving the industry for some other performing industry.

Google wants to be everywhere without being anywhere! 

They have their main focus, but I think they just want to be experimenting with other industry, products and niches to put competitors’ mind of their plans; a special company indeed 🙂

Experimenting is good, especially when you experiment with copied ideas to see if it works or not. In the case of Google, when they see  an idea working, they tend to try it out and if it doesn’t work, Google kill it off and focus on others that do.

This is what makes them so special than other companies out there.

Majority of those companies out there don’t want to risk resources experimenting on new ideas, new technologies but Google do!

What do you think about this latest announcement to shut down Google Talk widget, Google Mini and iGoogle? Do you think it is a great move to give way for other products or you think it is a great mistake on Google’ side? Please add your comment below and let’s talk.

Source: Forbes

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