Google Building Third Data Center in Taiwan, Asia to meet online demand

TAIPEI, Taiwan — Google Inc. has been reported building a new data center in Taiwan, Asia to meet the fastly growing online demand of its services in the region, the company said on Tuesday. This new building is the third of its series in Asia after the two based in Hong Kong and Singapore.

The $700 million worth investment will provide users with faster and more reliable access to several Google products, said Google.
Google’s Asian-Pacific president, Daniel Alegre, said at a ceremony in favor of the company that the new infrastructure investment was meant to help Google meet the great potential of Internet use all around Asian continent.Google data centers

“More new Internet users are moving online everyday in Asia here than anywhere else in the world,” said Daniel. “They’re looking for new information and entertainment, new business opportunities and easier ways to connect with their friends and family.”

This new Google’s three Asian based data centers will be joined together with its six other counterparts in the United States and the other two based in Europe.

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Data centers are protected facilities filled with thousands of various computers with data stored on them to serve very great amounts of information.

Google said the new data centers are environmental friendly for people closer to the area – with its use of night-time cooling and the presence of thermal energy storage system which cools large quantities of water over the night.

“During the daytime when Taiwan become hot — especially in the summers — and power is more expensive to produce, we’ll circulate that cold water throughout the facility to keep it cool,” Google announced in a statement.

By 2013, the new data centers will start to function, said Google.

This is a good news for everyone especially for those who have businesses depending on Google. In fact, I am happy for this news as well. Google’s latest investments in building data centers around the world shows the technology giant is planning a long term business which would give way for individuals/organizations interested investing more in the company’s business such as Google Adwords and searches. However, if you are interested in investment opportunities at Manchester Airport, do not hesitate to click the link above for more information. And if you have suggestion, tips or question to ask in relation to this topic, kindly drop them in the comment box below for our editorial team to check.

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  1. julius Avatar

    That really puts Google on the lead now. Are they not going to put up a data center in Seoul, Korea?

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