Google Gives Back 2011- Help Google Gives Back Something to Help Others

I bet you think you’ve knew what I’m trying to do in this post, but, noooo! This isn’t like the normal posts you’re familiar with on this blog – oh, there are some that might look just the same like this post but this one is quite different – this time.

This post is all about helping others achieve the best they are destined to achieved on earth even while they don’t have the capability of achieving such feat. I’ve been blogging for awhile now and I can say boldly that, “I love Google for its charitable giving styles” and that’s why I am sharing this same cause with you to help the Google Gives Back 2011 project by helping schools and institutions to send many people who don’t have the power and resources needed to send their loved ones to school in order to learn an act. There are countless numbers of people throughout the world with no resources to cater for their loved one’s education and others  and Google says, it is ready to help these people to achieve that….

Google Gives Back - supportGoogle has it all, why does we have to give?

It is true that Google is the world’s most popular search engine provider that ever exists and it has large percentage of shares in many businesses through out the world – that’s true but Google wants you to be part of this charitable exercise by helping you as well give back to your community.

We all know that Giving is a path of Life and God also encouraged us to learn the act of giving to others. So here I present to you the official Google Gives Back 2011 charity program and you can also be part of it.

Click here to support Google Charitable Program

Benefits of the Google Gives Back program?

By joining this program, you are agreeing to the information below:

  • You are supporting Google Science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) education project. Watch Video
  • You agreed to help enlighten some girls to about HIV/Aids by helping Google’s Girls education program. Watch Video
  • You will help some group of people to learn the act of technology with the Google’s Empowerment through technology program. Watch Video
  • You really want to help Google fight the battle of Human trafficking and Slavery by joining the Google Fighting against the modern day slavery and human trafficking program. Watch Video

You can join any of these program to help Google help others as well and who knows, maybe people you know might be a beneficial of this project years to come.

Click here to go to the Official Google Gives Back site





6 responses to “Google Gives Back 2011- Help Google Gives Back Something to Help Others”

  1. JamesW Avatar

    these are wonderful news, thank you

  2. digital printing Avatar
    digital printing

    Excellent work. Thanx for sharing very great information with us.

  3. Dewan shahedur rahman Avatar
    Dewan shahedur rahman

    Really a very inclusive article for technology related person. Thanks a share such a nice news.

  4. Asset Based Giving Avatar
    Asset Based Giving

    I applaud Google for its charitable giving styles and true asset based giving. Google, Inc has totally changed marketing and advertising forever. These actions have made Google one of the most powerful and influential companies on the planet. Google, Inc is then able to utilize their resource to help others in need and help others succeed. I have never paid a dime to Google but I utilize their resources daily.

    1. Olawale Daniel Avatar
      Olawale Daniel

      Yes, you are right. Google truly leads and others follows 🙂

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