Google Hasn't Stopped Pagerank Yet

I woke up this morning to check my Twitter stream only to see a lot of updates saying that Google has disabled its pagerank feature. I logged in to Facebook and found the same messages. I decided to check my dick blick and istock photo blog (as it is my main blog) only to see that my pagerank toolbar isn’t showing any pagerank for it. I checked my other blogs and some of the favorite blogs I read and I was surprised to see that none of them have a pagerank too.

Google page rank solution found!

In an attempt to see what is really happening, I decided to do some research and noticed that Google hasn’t disabled pagerank yet. There are a lot of things currently happening which I will be explaining in this article.

Google’s Newly Updated Server

The reason for the recent changes in pagerank is due to the fact that Google just updated its pagerank server. If you’re not that familiar with how plugins or pagerank work, most toolbars and pagerank sites are programmed to work in a way that they will connect to Google’s main server. Whenever this server is down these tools won’t be able to verify your pagerank. What happened is that Google just updated their pagerank server, and they also disabled the previous server, making it difficult for a lot of third party plugins and websites to verify your real Google pagerank.

The Solution

If you’re looking for a quick solution to this problem and want to know what your pagerank is again all you need to do is install the Google Toolbar on your Mozilla Firefox or Internet Explorer browser. You should then enable the pagerank feature of the Google Toolbar in any of these browsers and then use it to know what your real pagerank is. If you’re also looking a website to help you check your pagerank then you can try this one

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