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Google Inc finishing up Google Maps app for Apple

As the iOS 6 was about debuting, the most prominent of the rumors then was that Apple had excluded the Google Maps from its iOS platform. Truly when the iOS 6 came with the iPhone 5, the Google Maps was missing and it was replaced with the Apple Maps. Unfortunately for Apple, the new maps application it had included in the iOS 6 was a flaw and unsuccessful, making Apple giving its first apology ever on substandard product to its customers. Apple CEO Tim Cook pointed out to other maps service as alternative to its customers.

Google Maps has been the first and the best maps app ever, and the default maps on most platforms even on Apple’s platform before decided to knock it out.

Google Maps

Google Maps bounces back powerful to the iOS

Recently, we got a news release on The Wall Street Journal that the Google Maps will be coming back and powerful on the iOS platform, the Google maps will be able to run on iPhone and iPads. From a source which remains anonymous, it is reported that the map app is already being distributed for testing.

It is not being known yet when the Google maps will be submitted to iTunes store for approval, but the report assures iPhone 5 users that soon, they will be getting the location apps.

Google Maps on iOS

The former versions of iPhone and iPads were packed with the Google Maps, but the apps lacks so much features such as turn-by-turn direction like it had it on Android but it was still acceptable, but in September, when Apple replaced the Google Maps with its own made maps app on the iOS 6 and iPhone 5, largest percentage of customers and media revolted.

The Apple maps was a disappointment, so much below the standard of the Google maps, and Apple CEO Tim Cooks had no choice than to apologize to the masses for the mistake and he went further in his statement to recommend other maps such as MapQuest, Waze or the Google maps through its website.

The most interesting part of the story of this Apple/Google Maps situation is that the new Maps may include the turn-by-turn navigation for the iPhone as reported by the Wall Street Journal.

Have you been eagerly awaiting the Google Maps to be back to your iPhone and iPad, feel free to express your excitement!

Olawale Danielhttps://olawaledaniel.com/
Olawale Daniel is a business builder and psychologist, a network marketing professional, a world-class motivational speaker, a successful internet entrepreneur and a digital media strategist interested in all things mobile and digital — start-ups, media, branding. He started TechAtLast back in 2010 as a platform to quench his thirst for latest technologies. As a motivational speaker and author, Olawale has published several motivational and personal development books and he's currently working on "SUCCESS AHEAD - Don't Quit" which is billed to hit the stand by Q4 of the year. He writes regularly on his personal website on motivation and personal lifestyle and tips for network marketing success, OlawaleDaniel.com. His latest book on How to Sponsor More People in Your Network Marketing Business is still one of the best sellers in its category. He's presently working as a Health and Wellness consultant at BURN SLIM TRIM Inc., a firm that helps people regain their perfect lifestyle through state-of-the-art recent discoveries way back from nature. He's also the brain behind FOBCourse, a business university for startup entrepreneurs in Africa.

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  1. Still not sure why Apple didn’t just stick with Google maps in the first place! Oh well, I guess they can’t do everything right! 🙂

  2. A good news for the apple user and also for the one who have not being using or purchasing iPhone because of map app. Tx Google But I have a doubt in my mind will it turn by turn voice direction like in Android.

    • Google is doing this all for a free price but I believe they were doing it to gain more ground, to show the world, they are the best 🙂

  3. Yes, you are right, there are so many mistakes on the Tim Cook’s side which are inevitable. Steve Jobs will never did such. He’ll try to create scarcity and social buzz before releasing a product. Thanks for your comment 🙂

    • Yea, Nokia is also trying, but I guess Google is gone past them and it will be difficult to meet up. Thanks for taking your time.


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