Google Increases Google Docs Storage to 5GB, Now Launched

Google Docs expanded to 5GB

Yesterday, we discovered a leaked photo of Google Drive that is running on an Google Android developer’s device, and now we’re authoritatively announcing to you that the leaked photo is somehow true because Google is getting ready to launch its new cloud service, Google Drive cloud storage.

However, to fast track the launch of its service launch, Google has just increased the size of all its Google Docs storage space to 5GB instead of the 1GB that was offered before, and this is ahead of the launch of Google Drive cloud storage.

Google Docs increased to 50GB Space storage
Google has increased Google Docs storage space to 50GB

And according to a report or can we say a rumour  it is revealed that Google may even launch it some time before the date we have speculated. And with some details that has been revealed during last week, we believes we are moving closer to the launch.

But, we are very certain that the launch will be a good thing for us and we shall let you know immediately Google launched the service. These days, Google has  been performing some series of wonders, yesterday was the launch of Youtube Adwords for Video content with which they offered free $75 code for every small business owners. I think this is the best year for Google!

Google is on the rise with series of great features been introduced into its Google Drive service, I think one will agree with me that the company is on the rise.


In a fortnight ago, I published an tutorial-like article titled Free Website Monitoring Tool: Monitor Your Website Downtime with Google Docs for Free, I think you will need to read the article. It focuses on how you can easily monitor your website downtime with Google Docs now known as Google Drive. The script is powerful and I personally use the script and above all, it is free and secured!

Give it a try now 🙂

Happy New year

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