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How to use Google Insights Effectively?

Reduce your website Bounce Rate with Google Insights with these basic secrets of using Google Insights keyword researching tools effectively for your website ranking progress.

Bringing traffic to your website is the most important thing to be done to reach more people. In fact, it is the primary step.  There are many ways through which you can attract traffic to your website. Guest blogging, commenting, writing articles on forums, link building and through search engines. Search engines are the main traffic sources in many cases.

So, how to get the search engine traffic?

To get search engine traffic, your page should have good page ranks or you have to put right keywords to your article. Right keywords means the keywords related to your article and  keywords people search for on the internet. You don’t put up right keywords to your article, then the bounce rate will increase, your page rank goes down. And as a result, You don’t get traffic. Ultimately, your mission will fail.

How to find the right keywords with Google insights?

To find the right keywords, there are many tools available.  Google insights is free tool which you can use with ease and it is another awesome product from Google Inc.  There are other keyword researching tools available in the market for which you have to pay. I haven’t used them. So, I will teach you how to use google insights effectively.

Go to the url: http://www.google.com/insights/search/. You will see a page as displayed below.

How to use Google Insights effectively to reduce bounce rate on your blog

You can compare by search terms, locations or time ranges depending on your needs. You see these on left pane. On the right pane you see filter options. In the first filter, select web search if the content you publish is general like a blog. Select image search, news search or product search depending on your needs.

Now, enter the terms on the search term field. For example, enter blog traffic on the search field. You will see a graph displayed. Above the graph is a link to see the numerical data.  Below the graph is a map with regional interests. Hover the mouse over the map to view the index for each country.

Here comes the most important data. Search terms!

How to use Google Insights effectively to reduce bounce rate on your blog

You can see the terms with most searches. So add these keywords to your posts. Is that all ? No. You have to make your article’s title have one of these terms. Google uses the article’s title to check the post with the user’s keyword. And also including all the above terms into your posts( in relevant places or you will increase your bounce rate) will also make your content visible to the search engines.

I believe that after reading this post, you should be able to increase your website bounce rate simply by making use of Google Insights tips in this article. Google insights promises to help your website rank well on search engine pages so far you follow the steps explained above.

Please add your comments about this post below or if you have suggestions to make or, your personal experiences while using Google Insights, please share them with us here.

My interest is computers. I read a lot about that earlier. And now of-course i do ! I wanted to share what I knew. For me writing is fun and I took up to Blogging. I am inspired by Einstein. I try live his words. I write to serve people. And I will..I am the CEO at www.techtate.com . Visit my site for more info.

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  1. Interesting. I didn’t know about this until I read this post. How is it really different from Google Trends? It would have been much much more helpful had the data been absolute.

  2. Google trends gives the trends for your search. I mean, You put a search term and you see only the the countries which had high searches. You can’t have similar keywords suggestion in trends. Have you noted those words in google trends saying “Explore advanced features with Google Insights for Search” ? Insights is more advanced when compared to trends.


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