Google Is Not Killing Translate API, You'll Be Paying For It Now

Since the time Google announced the putting to rest of the Google Translate API, some large percentages of the people that make use of the API’s has started voicing out their concerns over the move which google took and by urging Google to reverse the situation.

And following this mass-outcry of the general public over the situation, Google has responded by saying, that it is trying to revisit the its plan to delete the translate API and stated that the company will be offering a paid version of the translating service if at all its now going to be delete so that it can be useful for those who want to be using it with their service (third-party companies that use the API for their day-to-day business activities).

Last month, Google announced that it will be putting an end to access to the Google Translate API because of user abuse, but majority of people that had built their business while using this tool later begged Google to revisit the situation and not to kill the application and they also suggested that Google can make them pay for it if Google sees that other users are abusing it. Read more>>

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