Google+ Launches Branded Pages

Google Inc. has finally unveiled brand pages for its product, Google+, for both corporate and individual business purpose, enabling businesses and brands to join up with the Google’s social network.


“So far Google plus, has focused on linking people with other people,” Google SVP of Social Vic Gundotra said in a blog post. “But we want to make sure that you can build relationships with all the things that you really care about – from the local businesses to global brands – so today we are rolling out Google+ Pages worldwide.”

However, the Google+ brand pages look very similar to the Google+ Profiles, only for that small square icon which signifies that it’s a Page rather than a normal user Profile. Users can now add different brands to their profiles. Brands such as the Dallas Cowboys, Fox News, and Angry Birds can be added to your circles, browse through their information such as photos and some other useful information about the company or the brand. Whenever a user add one particular brand to his/her circle, that will increase the followers count of that brand instantly.

Google+ is out with another interesting and exciting features, Google Brand Pages, like that of facebook pages for business owners and organizations. The new feature will allow business owners, both personal and corporate to have their branded page on Google+ platform free of charge like how it was on Facebook. But the only difference there is that, the new page will gives more benefits to the users in search engines than the facebook’s own. Google’s launch partners include Angry Birds, the Dallas Cowboys, Pepsi, Toyota, Macy’s, X Games, CNN, Fox News, the Muppets, WWE, Train, Barcelona Football Club and Save the Children.

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The first time when Google first launched Google+, different brands jumped from Facebook and other social sites to G+ in order to get the benefits of the opportunity until when Google told them to stop creating profiles that makes many to think that Google don’t value business of its users. That alone makes Google+ lose some of its users back to Facebook until now that the company consider agree to people and organizations to create Google+ brand pages.

When the search giant first launched Google+, different brands immediately jumped on the opportunity to gain additional exposure. Google soon asked brands to stop creating Google+ profiles. It became a controversy that forced the company to quicken its plans for business pages.

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