Google! – Learn How it Affects You Badly

Google, to many people, is the encyclopedia that can answer any question at any time those that needs the information queries it. There is nothing you want an answer for that you can get on Google once you know how to conduct a research. Since the exception of the internet, people has been using the internet to have a fast solution daily issues that keeps bothering them.

Everyday, people that uses Google are those that are looking for an answer to one or two problems they are facing. Nobody goes to Google because they just want to, but because of what they wants to get from it. But, visiting Google every time, does that have any negative effect on you? Yes!

It might sounds strange to you! The reason is because, Google search engine has made it difficult for poeople to learn again. Students are not ready to read books anymore since the engine that can give them the right exam question’s answers is available for them online, Google!

Is it true?

As many are still reading this piece, it is possible that they may be asking this question to confirms whether it is true or not that Google is affecting how people live and how people learn new things everyday.

Does that means I should avoid Google?

No! You don’t have to avoid Google because it is the bread-winner of the internet especially when it comes to issues that relates to online activities like blogging and others. If you avoid Google, you are the one that would be the looser at the other end, so, don’t but to focus on how to improve yourself while making proper use of the service.

I have uploaded below for you an infographic to show you that Google is affecting how you are thinking, how you learn things, and how you live your life and every other things.

What do you have to say on this post? Is it true that Google affects our brains? Is it rightly or wrongly? Let’s share experiences so as to learn more. Thanks 🙂 🙂 🙂


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