The Secret of Getting Traffic Using Google News

Introduction to Google News traffic

Well the latest technology of search engine optimization has made it compulsory for many of the businesses especially working through websites to make use of this technology. Search engine optimization is a process which help brings traffic to your website. It enables your website to get to top rankings on the Google search page. Google traffic here refers to the people visiting Google for gaining information about anything to everything. Google is one of the most commonly used search engines which have gained immense traffic to its online channel over the last couple of years. And now a day people make use of Google to search for things at all levels; images, video, breaking news, event, and many more.

Google News Traffic: A-to-Z

Google secrets of getting high traffic

There are some guidelines which enables you to bring traffic to your website via Google. It is the effective mode of implementing SEO strategies. For this purpose, Google news site is used widely. All you need to do is to get on this site; you need to recommend that your website is a good source of news. For this purpose you need to update your website at least after 30 days. You can submit press releases to the website which can bring traffic to your website. Moreover you can update your website by adding latest original content in the form of blogs, press releases and articles.

Hidden secrets of Google for increasing traffic

Some of the other top secrets of Google for bring traffic to it are: you can make use of Google images, maps and pictures. Well video uploading on the website also plays a vital role in bringing traffic to your website. Google sitemaps are readily used for getting top ranking on Google search. This strategy of using Google maps not only brings traffic to the website, in fact it also provides the owner of the website with helpful reports. For this purpose, you need to open an account on the Google, and then you just have to follow the directions of the page.How to get quality traffic with Google news to your website on regular basis

Google books are also used for getting top rankings on Google search pages. It is one of the hidden secret which is used by Google to bring free traffic. If you have written any book, you can submit the entire book to the website or part of it. Just attach as much part of the book as you want and then give link of your website with the right keywords.

How to get traffic using Google news?

Well there are some steps you must follow for gaining high quality traffic to your website. Some of which are: first mode is to determine and target your goal, it would help you plan your strategy and implement it most effectively. The next step is to set up your account on Google. Google works by choosing the bids, so you must start bidding high. The other step is to write good ads, this can be done by including the correct keywords into the advertisement. The last step is to measure and adjust things accordingly. There is no hard and fast rule for implementing SEO strategies. So you must follow these tools as per your business requirements.

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  1. Zeel Avatar

    was a Sound advice distributed this useful post with us

  2. abdul wahab Avatar
    abdul wahab

    really nice post from now i started to get extra traffic from google news Thanks

  3. myrtle Avatar

    WoW! What an interesting post indeed.

  4. linda Avatar

    Really an informative post …definitely this would be of great use to all who read this drive traffic to our site is not an easy task and these tips and information will make to us to get good traffic to our site

  5. arun Avatar

    now i have a eschool web site but my site is appearing no where in google what should i do in order to come first when user types eschools how much should i pay to google

    1. Olawale Daniel Avatar
      Olawale Daniel

      In order to come up in Google news site at all times, first of all, you need to write great contents on your website. And secondly, you need to submit your site to Google News team for consideration of your website’s contents in their news syndication.

      However, if you want to get to the top of search engine pages for your desired keywords (which is eschool as you have just stated), you can click here to hire our team of SEO Experts to help you rank your blog to the top. It is going to be white hat seo techniques.

  6. Alex Avatar

    Strange post, saying nothing about how REALLY get traffic from

    Getting there is one thing (and it is not only about great content) and getting traffic from there is another challenge.

    Olawale Daniel, what do you think, are key rules for getting traffic from GN, not just getting there?

    1. Olawale Daniel Avatar
      Olawale Daniel

      What I can on Google news is, before you can get traffic from Google News, you need to have an authoritative website with high quality content with great social recommendation. Google normally cache sites with content latest contents related to each industry search keywords. There’s a big competition though, but your site has great advantage of ranking high on Google news page. Please check these videos by Matt on rankings #1, the strategy works the same way because it all falls back to SEO.

      Neil Patel at QuickSprout has something to say about this subject here:

      Other video resources to watch

      Please check this slides on how to rank well on Google news for better traffic

      And here is Google’s direct support answer to this kind of question here:

      I believe these resources would be much helpful for you in ranking #1 on Google news?

      Please do reply with your success ratio! 🙂

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