Google Page rank is not dead – Solution Explained

Google Page rank is not dead according to techatlast news source from a top google official. It was just a mistake on Google side to make their system wrongly disable page rank of all websites today. It is believed that google page rank is not dead bringing an end to unripe news about the possible of google disabling the service.

Google has moved the toolbar query last night and that is what makes it difficult to check websites page rank for many people yesterday. But the problem, is not going to lasts longer as many thought it would. So, if you are having problems with checking page rank of a website or websites, then read below to have a solution to your problems without much hassle.

Download  SEOQuake addon for your Mozilla Firefox browser

After installing it, then go to preferences area of the addon to configure it thus:

After you choose Pref, then Single-Click on Google Page Rank. After that, click on EDIT and it will show you the next image below and then follow the next instructions mentioned below to start checking your page rank features easily.

Remove the normal code that is inside the preference option and paste the code below inside there. Save and exit.

[NAME]=Google pagerank

After that, then clear your Mozilla Firefox cache and restart it to make the changes work.

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