Google Panda Algorithm 2011 – Why Your Site Got Hit by Panda Update & How to Get Back (infographic)

Most bloggers hate Google panda udpate while others used to love the outcome of the Panda algorithm update on their respective blogs. They always do rejoice because they experienced increased traffic because positive Google panda effect will surely increase your orgnanic searches while the negative one will surely demote your site from search pages which will certainly affect your search engine traffic.

Last year was a thorough year for many bloggers because their blog got hit by Google panda effect while some enjoy the effect due to the fact that they are doing the right thing.


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Today, I want to share with you the Google Panda algorithm to help you know how Google validate each web pages on the internet in order to stay afloat at all times.

After reading this awesome infographic picture, make sure that you share your past and present experiences pertaining to Google Panda algorithm effect on your website or blog so that others can as well learn from your idea and past mistakes.
Since we know that, no one is perfect, we shall be expecting something fantastic from your side so that we can learn more since you know that this technology blog focuses on helping people learn new things that’s happening about technology, tips and tricks on gadgets, blogging, SEO, and other technology developments. So, you are allowed to add your comment below.

google panda algorithm 2011

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