Google+ Invite Open Again

Since the time when Google Inc. have introduced its new product Google+, only few amount of people have access to enjoy the service because it is still in pre-testing mode then and the total amount of users that Google allowed to come in are relatively few.

Then when it was first released for user’s testing, you can only get access to enter and use the service by invitation, you can’t just go to the site and get yourself in but now, the story is now changing,

Google Plus is now available for just anybody to logon to now but that also depends on your integrity. Google can reject your application while also they can accept you the first time you go there but that has to do with how google sees you.

Since you can’t have access to this service just like how you can do when you wanted to open facebook and any other social media sites where you just fill in your details and get yourself logged in, then that means you will need to get invitation from someone that knows you very much and with that you can be able to join. Google want to get the best of its service before they finally allow everybody to have access to the service and even during this time, they can be using the opportunity to test if there are bugs in the service. What a good business idea, they’re giving people time to test the service before they finally launch it.

So, if you need an invitation to this great service, I can help you do that, just send me an email on my contact us page and I will reply and invite you to come in. Also, you can go to my page to read more on my wall profile and others on Google Plus and if you want to add me to your circles, I give you the permission to do so…with the username:

Also if you want to make your google plus homepage URL to look very cool for others to see and share with you. You can read this post on how to change your google+ username.

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