Google Plus Vs Facebook Infographic – Google+ vs. Facebook

Google Plus Vs Facebook Infographic

Google and Facebook has one thing in common, the two company are providing the same, Google on one side is the owner of Google+ and it integrates it into some of the services it had, while Facebook is totally known as a website for social people and it can also be consider as a small business marketing platform for business owners that are targeting their prospective customers. But, upon using Google+ and Facebook, being a social networking sites (the two service, Google+ and Facebook), what are the things that makes the two different from each other?

Google+ privacy issue is very much different from what Facebook Privacy has all to say and in this inforgraphic are well-explained information about Facebook and Google+ social networking site. How they works and how the two services handles privacy and some other useful information of such. Read on and comment at the end for us ot share and company google facebook twitter perks infographic revealedfacebook privacy policy and google plus policygoogle plus vs facebook infographic


Facebook VS Google Plus Infographic



  1. Hey I like the stipends and reimbursements idea.. The free onsite child care! lol! Cool infographics Daniel. Did you make this by your self? I love google plus interface, but it still not very open so my friends are still in Facebook. I have maintain my FB account for socialization and my google + as marketing and SEO socialization. Very cool infographic Daniel, very cool!

  2. Well, if I am to weigh things over, I would best prefer Google+ over Facebook. As what I have observed in Google+, it is mostly home of professionals as internet marketers and the likes. Besides, I can say that Google+ is far more secure than Facebook. Moreover, Facebook starts to get boring though.

  3. Google plus all the way! Google owns it still. But I’m not saying that facebook is bad. They have their part to play as well.

  4. Awesome collection of infographics, Olawale! It’s really cool what some of these companies bring to the table and looking into their operations is inspiring regardless which you prefer personally.

    I agree with the some others in that I am partial to Google products and thus would pick Google Plus over Facebook, but Facebook nonetheless remains something I use everyday and can’t really see myself without.


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