Google Plus Pages: How To Create A Page On Google+

Google Inc. has added another feature to its Google+ products by launching Google plus pages for brands and individuals. Now, is the time for any business or organisation to have their page on Google+ just like on Facebook.

Before, Google+ was only supporting personal profiles (individual) and there’s no way for business profiles then until now when the company announces this new feature to the public. Just like how facebook operates, Google+ now provides its users ability to know the different between a page and personal profile.Google+ how to create a google plus page

This new technique implemented by Google+ will make it easier for business to get ranked well on search engines even better than the Facebook’ pages. If you wan to know how to create your own Google plus pages in order to start promoting your company or business on it, you can watch the video below or follow the steps outlined below to know how to do that damn simple.


How to create a Google plus page easily?

You needn’t to worry much about how to create your Google+ page. Though, this feature is quite hard to understand if you are on your Google plus profile page because there’s no place exactly that reads “Create Google plus Pages” now or any other thing else. So, to make it easier for you should follow the step below in case if you don’t understand the video.

1. Click this link Create Google+ Pages

2. Then pick a category that you want your business or your page to falls to.

3. Name your page (this should be the name of your blog), enter in your website URL and then click on the AGREE TO TERMS and then click on the button that reads, CREATE“.

4. On the registration page, there’s an option for you to enter the tagline for your site so that when people are searching for that keyword, your page can be shown in the result page.

5. After you’ve done that, then click the Finish button to complete your page creation.

6. You can watch the video to know more about how you can tweak your page to make it look professional.

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