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Google Making Tablet with 3D Image Capability to air Project Tango

Right from the days of the Nexus success and acquisition of Motorola mobility, Google seem to have established its feet in the gadget industry. Recently, we got a report that Google is developing a 7-inch tablet which will air its Project Tango 3D imaging capability.Project tango 3-D imaging

Starting from next month, Google plans to make 4,000 pieces of Project Tango tablet which will be equipped with sensors and components similar to the ones in Project Tango phones; two cameras, gyroscopes, depth sensor, orientation sensor, and a vision processing system.

Coincidentally, next month is Google’s annual developer conference and 4,000 is just accurate enough for the number the company may order aimed at distributing to the conference attendees.

Project Tango surfaced from Google’s Advance Technology and Projects (ATAP) group that was part of Motorola mobility. The project is aimed at equipping mobile devices with circuits and sensors that will enable it to create 3D models of local environs in real time.

Wouldn’t it be terrific, having a detailed 3D map of your surroundings, new possibilities that could come into mobile applications? Such information could help sight impaired people or even robots to navigate through unfamiliar surroundings. Last year, Google purchase few robot technology companies.

Facebook Inc also investing in something similar to the Project Tango as it planned to acquire Oculus VR, a company that makes futuristic virtual reality headgear. This kind of technology has gone beyond standard 3D display which has been around for some years, said head of research at Rutberg & Co., and investment bank that focuses on wireless and digital-media industry.

3D Smartphone were released in February, Google intends to build small quantity of its Project Tango tablets for developers to work on, so that they can create applications that will make the device appeal to customers as soon as it is released commercially.

Apart from Project Tango, Google in 2012 unveiled its internet connected eye wear, Google Glass and had only been available to developers and testers until now.

This approach is different from Apple who prefers to confidentially develop devices and staging a noisy release at consumer launches.

Olukunle Moseshttps://www.techatlast.com/olukunle-moses/
Olukunle Moses is currently the editor-in-chief for TechAtLast Media Blogs Network.

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