Is Google making an Android Car? Self Driving Car; No Steering Wheel, No Brakes

Google Inc is at it again, sitting behind the wheel and steering to your destination might soon become history.

The latest version of the self driving car was unveiled by Google on Tuesday night, this vehicle can navigate on its own and it does not have a steering, acceleration pedal nor brakes.

Driver-less car

The Google self driving car team leader said in his statement “Fully autonomous driving has always been the goal of our project.” we have thought we could improve road safety and assist people who can’t drive. We are now working on prototypes of vehicles which will drive you to where you are going at the push of a button.

The navigation software on this Google’s self driving car is the same as the previous model which has already zoom up to 70, 000 miles on the road. The first model of the self driving car has a steering wheel, the accelerator and brake pedals so that at a point, the driver can override the computer’s navigation; there has always been a driver behind the wheels on those models.

On this new driver-less car innovation, there wouldn’t be any need for the owner to look for parking space, as the car would do that on its own while you walk off to meet up your schedules. The Google blog post reporting this self driving car model added that, cases of drunken driving incident will be potentially wiped out; older people who already lost their faculty could now be mobile sitting behind the car.

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Google self driving car team hopes to start testing the vehicle in earnest this summer. The sensor on the car is now being upgraded, but the same navigation technology in the driver laden is used in this driver-less car.

It’s not yet time to start lobbying the mart for this vehicle; it is still in its early stage of testing and not to be expected in market any time soon. Even the first driver-less car model by Google, the one with a steering and set of pedals does not have a release date yet. Experts are still projecting the end of the decade for the car to start its first commercial sales, however.


5 responses to “Is Google making an Android Car? Self Driving Car; No Steering Wheel, No Brakes”

  1. Lisa Elbert Avatar
    Lisa Elbert

    Wow great this is nice for disable persons

  2. tiang lampu Avatar
    tiang lampu

    I think 20 years from now it can be done! So the driver job drastically downsize.

  3. vinu Avatar

    Great! Evrerything is done by car itself so those people who are bad at driving do not need to worry about their driving as they dont have job in this self driving car. Amazing share

  4. Timothy Avatar

    This is already a milestone within automotive industry but I am thinking something else. Don’t you people think these type of technologies are making us more lazy and dependent on machines?

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