Google sells off Motorola Home, a subsidiary of Motorola Mobility at $2.35 Billion

Earlier this year, one of the investment moves made by Google was the sealing of the deal of purchasing Motorola Mobility which has a subsidiary called Motorola Home. Google paid a sum of $12.5 billion to acquire the Motorola Company.

Motorola Home-Set-Top-Box

Google disposes Motorola Home, a subsidiary of Motorola Mobility

After the whole lot of investment, Google is ready to start taking back returns. Its first move is to sell off a part of the Motorola Company, called Motorola Home as we got it from our source, this subsidiary is into the production of broadband services via its set-top boxes.

I think Google has a way of operating, it’s unusual of Google to sell of properties, but at this time, I believe Google is not planning to invest in set-up box service that is why it is the best option to dispose it, instead of doing nothing or mis-managing it.

Google made the announcement on Wednesday of the disposal of the Motorola set up box subsidiary, which is Motorola Home. The buyer is Arris, who deals in broadband technology. The payment method for the Motorola Home has been arranged, Arris will pay $2.05 billion to Google in cash, while it will trade stock for a $300 million to Google for the whole acquisition.

This Google subsidiary, Motorola Home manufactures set-top boxes, this made it a smart move for Arris as it will greatly compliments it broadband services as well as building up a patent portfolio for him.

Ever since Google acquired Motorola Mobility, it has been making consolidations on operations to reduce cost, some of the measures it has took is laying off of 20% employees in the Motorola circus company, and the shutdown of several offices around the globe. Everybody knew that the major reason why Google bought Motorola Mobility was to enhance its patent portfolio in the manufacture of smartphone and tablets.

Thus, you can never blame Google for selling off Motorola Home for it has a vision of pursuit and never want to derail.

Some of the successful products that has come out of Motorola Mobility since it has been acquired by Google includes series of Smartphone of the DROID RAZR, PHOTON, ATRIX, and ELECTRIFY categories.

Motorola mobility smartphones

The company also has some products to show off in its tablet department, most of which is named Xyboard.

Motorola mobility tablets

Motorola mobility accessories

It also deals in several smartphone and tablet add- ons and accessories ranging from power pack, to headphones, to flip stand, to vehicle navigation docks.

Reporting; Olukunle Moses for Techatlast.com

Pictures: Flickr, Motorola.com

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