Google Says SEO Is Not Spam


    google-seo-is-not-spamMatt Cutts, a member and the big boss of the Google’s web spam-fighting team, has gone on record by saying Google does not consider Search Engine Optimization to be spam practice.

    Matt said in his interview, “We don’t consider SEO to be spam,” and he continues saying that SEO is “a valid way to help people find what they are looking for through search engines.”

    He did add to his word by saying that there are bad SEO’s out there, typically known as black hat SEO’s that can produce web spam. However, in general, SEO is not consider as spam because there are plenty of good SEO’s out there.

    Matt has been saying it over countless times at conferences that Search engine optimization practices is not spam, but, this the first time he’ll be devoting his time in providing a video interview on this subject alone. The video conducted by Matt Cutts is embedded below and you can watch and listen to the interview by yourself to pick one or two points from this video session.

    Matt Cutts claims, SEO is not spam

    What do you have to say concerning this claims, is there any other way you come to the conclusion to help others understand that SEO is not spam or if it is a spam? Let hear that in the comment below.



    1. Google’s algorithm is quite different and difficult to understand. Many blogs are doing excess SEO resulting in getting affected by panda. Please maintain moderate keyword density…

    2. I couldn’t agree more. Saying SEO is scam is like saying an employee monitor is a peeper or stalker. Good SEOs write quality content when producing backlinks, with insight and opinions about the topic they are commenting on. There are always bad SEOs just as there are pervert bosses, but it’s not enough reason to generalize. We should accept the fact that Google made this system and everyone is just adapting to it and making the best of it. Bloggers could take this into consideration when moderating their comments and the anchor keywords in them.

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