Google Sooner – Android’s Early Prototype Phone Device

Rise of Mobile Phone Technology

The world of today is witnessing new mobile phone technology every day. There has been an increase rise in the number of mobile phone users which has eventually lead to the development of new services, technology and facilities. Initially, mobile phones were used only for making calls, but today, mobile phones have revolutionized the lives of common people with new and exciting services and applications. To build new applications, mobile operating systems are required.


Google Sooner

Android is one of the most popular operating system these days. It was founded in California, by Rubin, Miner, Sears and White in year 2003. Android is an operating system for mobile phone devices which includes key applications and middleware and other functions for a smart phone. Android technology enables mobile phone developers to create unique and amazing applications android works on a 2.6 Linux version for various kinds of services including memory, security, network stack, and process management and driver model. In 2005, android Inc. was owned by Google.

Google sooner

Google sooner is an early prototype phone of android operating system before the system was officially launched. Google sooner was manufactured by HTC Company and was called HTC EXCA 300. It was a non-touch QWERTY keypad handset. It was manufactured in May; 2007. The android phone was designed totally differently before the launch of iPhone. Google sooner seemed to fit the category of a blackberry or Symbian phone. The Google sooner was less mature than the Symbian series of phone (90). The Google sooner was looked as a rival of blackberry and not iPhone as it seems today. Google sooner was not ever officially launched. Google has no doubt worked really hard since the manufacture of Google sooner in year 2007 to the launch of HTC Dream phone in October, year 2008.Google Sooner - An Early Prototype of Android Revealed


The Google sooner worked by having an OMAP 850 processor, and had 64mb of RAM. The phone also had a non-working memory of 64 mb. The LCD screen of Google sooner was a non-touch screen and had a screen resolution of 320*240 pixels. The phone has a camera of 1.3 megapixels along with video recording, a tiny USB port, QWERTY key pad, four system buttons, radio, and a SD slot. Google sooner didn’t have Wi-Fi or 3G connections. The phone was light in weight and had quality body.


The Google sooner was powered by android operating system. The device didn’t have a home screen. The phone had an interface included a huge clock and Google search bar. Applications included Gmail, calendar, Google talk, YouTube, calculator, Google earth, notepad, and many other applications that were pre-installed in the phone.

google sooner prototype
google sooner prototype

Why Google sooner was not officially launched?

Before the launch of Apple’s iPhone, android phones were designed to an entirely different manner. After the launch of iPhone, Google might have cancelled the launch of Google sooner and worked to improve the software, specifications and applications of the phones powered by android operating system. Some says, that Google sooner’ launch was canceled because of the launch of a similar phone T-Mobile G1.

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