Google TakeOut – How To Backup Your Google Data Easily

Google is showing all internet users that it is very capable of running the affairs of everything that pertains to the internet world (world-wide web). The reason for this is its new service that was recently announced few days ago which can allow all google products users to have access to back up all their data top their own computer desktop without stress. Just like Facebook recently did allow users to backup their live wall updates and videos and many other file.

Facebook and Google has jumped into the same hot water which we can refer to as a battle of supremacy, Google is telling facebook that it has the power to paddle the affairs of the internet in general while facebook also is replying google that its products can make all internet users crazy in such a way that they will forget google sooner or later.

Everyday, as google is launching new products so also is facebook adding it is own that can do just the same way like that of google and vice-versa, let’s now wait and see who will be the winner.

Back to the topic, the new service which google recently launched is known as Google TakeOut. It works just the same ways as that of Facebook account backup system, though the one of facebook is not yet finalized and it is still under development.

How Does It Works?….

I will say it works great but that is not the main pronunciation for this service, with this feature you can download and get an archive for your data, such as google+ updates, picasa albums, google buzz, messages, text and some other details from all google based services in one place on your computer.

Additional benefits of this services is that, you can use the downloaded file from google (in .vcf extension) for other social networking sites to invite your friends and loved ones in the list to join you there. Like facebook for example, they have an option where you can upload a .vcf file from computer to their sever and help you send an invitation to some of your friends so that they can link-up with you on their platform.

Security Consciousness Matters here…

But before you start merrymaking over this move, I will like to draw your attention to the security side of this move because the moment you download most of your data back to your computer’s memory, you have to know that you need good computer security in place for your data to be secured. File that you downloaded back to the computer from google server are no more protected by google and the responsibility is now on you to keep your system at the top gear so that you will not have a regret over the move.

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