New Google+ Timeline Design – Google Finally Launched Timeline Style Design

Welcome Google+ Timeline!

New Google+ Timeline Design
New Google+ Timeline Design

Google has just launched its own version of Facebook Timeline! Good news for all Google plus users because Google is becoming interesting more than how it has been before. The earlier design of Google plus has some similarities with several other social networks but this new one is totally different because, it seems Google has listened to its user’s feedback before making this new design.

When I checked the new Google+ Timeline design, it was truly great and awesome. If you haven’t experienced the new Timeline design of Google plus, you need to check it out!

Advanced User Profile Timeline

But in this article are few changes that Google+ Team has implemented into this new design which I shall be sharing with you here for you reading pleasure.


The latest and hottest of the new design is the tab that lets you see what’s hot on Google plus so that you can stay up to date with the world. This new feature looks like the Twitter’s trending topics tab. It displays the best and hottest keywords and hash tags people are currently talking about so that you can also join the converstaion. This new hash tag feature can make it easier for people to join event curently happening around the world. For example, the earthquack which occurred in the Asia recently could be easily tracked with the proper hash tag.

Google plus trending topic tag
Google plus trending topic tag

Facebook Timeline-like Design for Your Profile and Business Pages

This new design comes with a cool Facebook-like design that simply makes it easier for Google+ users to see updates on their wall just like how Facebook Timeline works.

Google+ facebook like Timeline view with sidebar features
Google+ facebook like Timeline design

Enhanced Google+ Business Page Design

Go0gle added a feature that makes it even easier for pages to engage more readers and followers. So, business pages can now display contents to followers easily.

google+ brand pages outlook
google+ brand pages outlook

Google+’s becoming Original with Its Like Button

Majority of the masses has condemned Google for making its share button to look like that of Pinterest, even some people were complaining that Google did that because of its interest in Pinterest. And now, to sop those speculations, Google has changed the like button for Google+ to its original design.

Google+ becoming original
Google+ becoming original with its official like button

Advanced Search Bar for Connecting with Others

Google has introduced new search bar into the Google+ Timeline design. The new search bar lets users search for new pages, people, places and others with ease.

advanced google plus search box

Suggestion Boxes for People You May Know & Like

One thing that makes this new design looks awesome is the search feature that is designed with it. Google has made it easy for people to add friends or families to their profile with ease. You can either select from the people you may know tab or from the people you might like tab for better experience.

suggestion pane for adding new people to your Google+ profile
suggestion pane for adding new people to your Google+ profile

Google Hangout Renovated

You can now chat away time and hangout with your friends from all over the world. With the new Timeline design, Google has changed the way its Hangout works and make it easier for people to meet on chat and others.

enhanced google+ chat and hangout
enhanced google+ chat and hangout

There are many other awesome features in this new Google+ timeline like design. Please share your experiences on Google plus with us here.

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