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Google to launch internet TV service and even shows off demo; Soon you ll start subscribing your TV like BlackBerry

One of the biggest story on The Wall Street Journal this morning is about Google launching its own internet TV service, which would be made to stream traditional TV programmes. The report said the company has approached media companies about licencing this project.Google internet TV service

According to the anonymous source, they quoted that Google had showed off the demonstration of this product.

Three other tech giants conglomerate who has been thinking of the internet TV service includes; Sony, Intel and Apple, Google will be the fourth if it eventually joined the league. They had been thinking of delivering cable TV-style that will package channels over broadband connections.

This kind of internet TV service may have a major effect for traditional TV ecosystem says WSJ, bringing in big competition for pay TV operators who are already struglling to retain video subscribers.

Amazon, Netflix and Hulu are existing video players offering on demand TV, but the latest internet TV service move is to offer conventional channels, which will allow users to flip through channels like they do on cable, as well combining on demand programming.

The arrangement is great and innovative, but media companies are afraid of loosing the lucrative arrangements it has already been getting from existing distributors by licencing the new online partners.

Media executives told WSJ that, they had preffered expanding the on demand availability of their programming via current distributors.

Google Inc is a big American based company that deals in internet related business, it kicked off with the search engine business few years back and has grew to offering some other services and product. Except you don’t use the internet, that is when you don’t deal with Google, either free or paid.

It already has a video streaming product called YouTube where it hosts several channels and individuals to geek and showcase a video show.

The internet TV service will bring a total revolution to the TV industry, apart from the great competition it will create with the cable and internet video streaming guys, it will also create a new way of building the home TV boxes. TV makers will have to enable internet services on TVs or set up box makers making set up box that could be connected to the internet which will allow users to now stream TV live instead of going through a cable network.

When Google purchased Motorola Mobility last year, it has a subsidiary which makes set-up boxes, but Google sold it off, it could have been one of the big internal tools Google will be using for the revolution into the internet TV service.

Maybe very soon, you start buying data internet subscription for your TV. Won’t you like that?

Olukunle Moseshttps://www.techatlast.com/olukunle-moses/
Olukunle Moses is currently the editor-in-chief for TechAtLast Media Blogs Network.

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