Google Toilet funny Video exposes SOPA and PIPA bill mess

With the evolution of the Internet, our day to day life is getting better and more  easier, but at the same time, living life online is somehow bad for some people even it may be you. The reason being that, using the internet and living the internet life can cause us to lose our private data into the wrong hands. Google is known as the number one search engine provider online and it is a friend to many online busines owners because it drives traffic to their websites.

Here I present you a funny video, Google Toilet video, which is totally a humor and sarcasm video that shows how Google badly needs our information in order to show advertisement. Though, it is humor-like video, but this can turn into a reality if the SOPA and PIPA bill was passed. But, God saved the internet for us and now no one can enters into your private life as we first taught it would be if the bill was cleared okay.

google toilet funny video


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This Google funny video is really a cool and interesting video you should watch and even, I’m laughing here because of this video alone. And if you love Google very much, you should try as much as possible to check this funny video out.

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