Google Translate API Will Shut Down Dec 1.

Google Translate API, which is the most useful and resourceful among all the API that Google have ever developed is going to be put to bed on Dec 1, according to Google Inc.

According to report, Google has over 91 API running under Google brand name and most of this api are going to be rested for ever as the reports suggested which means that google translate which is the number one translating tool on the internet as at present. The tool which send Babylon and some other online translating programs to the back of the queue when it was launched back then on April 28, 2006.

The news of the shut down may be ok for some people while others will see it with another perspective but the truth is that, Google knows what they’re doing concerning this move. Some days back, it was reported that this steps was taken in order to avoid all the abuse that many people has cause the application. And, Google, a reputable company has a name to protect and that’s the reasons behind the move to close the application to prevent further abuse by users.

The Google translate application service was introduced to the general public on 28 April 2006 mainly for the Arabic people to translate their language to English and to other languages like Russian, Chinese.

The Google translating service makes use of a SYSTRAN based translator for translating languages.

“On May 26, Google Inc. announced that its brother application, Google Translate API will no longer be useful by the end of this year, starting from Dec 1, 2011 due to abuse of the system.”

However, the move that Google took to shut down the API has resulted into criticism from all angle as the API is used by large percentages of the people throughout the world. It is very clear that there ate many people that depends mostly on Google translate and the decision which Google took in resting the API is only known to google only and they also know the reasons why they took the move to shut it down at the end of the year.


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