How the Grinch did away with Data in 2012

No happy place is safe from its share of evil forces. Even the vast cyber realm suffers at the hands of malicious conspiracies headed by its very own evil Grinchs as they constantly plot to steal the private data of innocent users. From malware to hackery, misuse and what not, there are a number of ways how the wicked Grinchs of the cyber world go around stealing data from one system to another.

Grinchs, what you need to know about them

Not so surprisingly, it is the big corporations that suffer the most at the hands of sneaky data thieves who attack all sorts of information ranging from confidential organizational data to authentication, payment and personal details of individual employees. Be it healthcare, food, accommodation, retail trade, finance, insurance or any other industry – no business is safe from the claws of these data-stealing Grinchs. The crafty tools used by these monsters are not only limited to devious key loggers which keep a tab on every key punched by a user; the data pilfering crew foregoes no opportunity of taking advantage of insufficient security measures or carelessness on the user’s part such as easily guessable credentials and the like.

Even though a large majority of deft theft incidents is traced back to external agents, mostly operating as organized criminal groups, this does not imply that a corporation’s data is safe from being misused by its internal members and it can therefore let down its guard in this regard.

Internal agents have also been seen to contribute to activities that have been detrimental to the confidentiality of a corporation’s data. Seeing the large number of data theft incidents getting the best of corporations is indeed a pity given the fact that the majority of preventive measures are quite simple and cost effective.

It is next to impossible to keep the army of data-stealing Grinchs from attempting to attack the confidential data lying happily in our systems. However, what we can do is try our best to render their evil efforts futile. Therefore, as users, it becomes necessary for us to educate ourselves regarding the variety of tactics adopted by these hacking Grinchs in order to predict their next move as they come knocking on our doors. Only then would we be able to employ sufficient protective measures to ward off their nasty attacks.

Join us as we explore in detail all the trends in data theft that have had a huge impact on the data industry.Grinchs stolen data

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