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Gone are the days when you will need to carry your locally made radio along with you because you wanted to listen to music, now, things has changed! Listen to songs on the go! Internet has offered us many cool features that can make our life better everyday.

Groove Shark is a online music streaming service where people can go to to play there favorite music. With the site, you can listen to your favorite music or songs from your favorite actors or actress without stress.

You can either pay for GrooveShark or you get it for free, though, the free version is limited to extensive adverts display on the right side of your computer screen and can cause distraction.

The different between the person who pays for the full version and the person who doesn’t is that, the two group of people can have the same access to the music and some other things but, the difference there is that, the person who pays for the full version won’t get ads on its playing interface while the ones who doesn’t pay for the service will be served ads from google adsense and others.

GrooveShark works on different forms of operating systems, it works on mobile phone while also, on computers. You can use it anywhere you wanted to without much hassle. If you have android, iPhone, palmtops and or laptop, you are ready to go with GrooveShark!

With groove shark, you get lots of free features and some of them are mentioned below:

  • Add musics to library
  • Add songs to your timeline for playing purpose
  • Ability to change your preferences
  • Ability to change your social media details and others
  • Auto-connect and share with your friends and families
  • Free Service with flexible option to upgrade at any time
  • Upload and share music with your friends online
  • Work even better than Spotify in terms of services
  • Ability to test how it works before you subscribe for the full version

Many more benefits you can get from using Grooveshark over spotify.

BTW: Remember that, listening to music online either with Grooveshark or Spotify and many others out there can thereby affect your internet connection consumption, make sure that you are on the right ISP before you try this or else, you will have to pay more for your internet connection instead of saving money from your internet connection subscription.

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