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4 Ways Through Which Social Media Could Help Grow Your Brand

There are over 3.4 billion social media users who are divided across multiple social media platforms. The high interest in the platform offers marketers the ability to reach large audiences, which could help increase brand awareness and help you achieve some brand social media marketing goals.

You need to set up a brand social media page for your brand on as many platforms as you have the capacity to handle. You should make sure to monitor all active social media pages and make timely responses to your followers. You will be better able to accrue some of the benefits listed below. By being active on brand social media, which means making regular posts and responding to potential clients, you will be able to develop brand loyalty and build great partnerships, which could provide an avenue for personal selling. Your brand social media also allows you to monitor your competitors and potential client preferences, which will provide insight into your field and could bolster your growth efforts.

How to Grow Your Brand Social Media Influence

Grow Your Social Media Brand
How do you increase influence on social media for your brand without spending above your brand social media budget?

Can social media help your brand? Here are some of the benefits of setting up your brand on the avenue.

Higher visibility levels on brand social media pages

Social media is a very cost effective way to market your brand digitally.  It will provide an avenue for your brand to increase its visibility levels, which will boost brand awareness and recognition. By setting up your brand page on social media and choosing insightful content for your followers, you could be able to increase brand awareness levels.

Higher visibility levels
There is nothing as great as maintaining a high visibility levels on most of the popular social media networks. It gives your brand a leverage to get noticed.

It can be difficult to get the right flow and performance when you initially set up your brand social media pages. You could solicit the help of paid advertisement features, which are available across different social media platforms. You can buy 50 Instagram likes on the platform to increase the visibility of your content, as well as promote your posts on Twitter and target people from specific demographics after certain life events on Facebook to increase your brand visibility levels on these platforms.

You should ensure consistent posts, which should be entertaining, educative or informative enough to attract your followers and trigger the need to share with their network of friends and family. With regular use, you will be able to develop a large loyal following.

Higher Incoming traffic

There is high interest in brands on the internet, with up to 80% of users across many platforms following at least one brand. If you choose not to market your brand on a particular social media, you will miss out on the potential of the platform to generate higher client numbers. The high number of active social media users makes it an ideal marketing avenue for brands looking to make inroads into their industry.

Higher Incoming traffic
Social media can play a major role in driving traffic to your brand website.

By failing to set up on the avenue, you will limit your potential client base to already existing customers, which could affect the rate of growth. Without brand social media presence, you are limited to a small pool of loyal customers, who may only be searching for keywords you already rank well for. You will also lack a platform to engage in personal selling and marketing, taking away the potential benefit of marketing through your loyal customers. This means that you could have trouble reaching anyone who doesn’t already know about your brand.

Social media can increase traffic levels to your brand’s website and pages. With every post, more people could know about your brand and develop an interest in your products or services. Marketing on social media could be a game changer for your brand, particularly because of its global reach. You could drive up traffic levels from around the world to increase interest in and popularity of your brand.

Better SEO rankings

Even though social media activity will have no direct impact on your search engine rankings, research by the Social Media Examiner suggests that about 60% of marketers that have invested in at least a year-long use of social media for brand awareness have noted dramatic changes in their SEO ranking.  If you have a business website for your brand, being on social media could help you rank highly and may impact your visibility levels. More people may also be willing to trust your brand and make purchases, which could increase the likelihood of development of brand loyalty.

Social Media Increase Better SEO Ranking
Gone are the days of blackhat SEO tactics. The tides are turning in favor of social media optimization to aid overall search engine rankings. Neglect this at your own risk.

If your business is not ranked highly enough, only very few people can find out about your products or services. This could limit your scope of growth, and may influence future performance as well. Since many people will not look beyond the first few pages of their search results, it is important to get your brand ranked highly enough. You can do this by creating and sharing high quality content with naturally inserted keywords into your social media posts. You can also spice up your profile and attract more followers by diversifying content through the use of images, infographic and audiovisual files. Remember to keep in touch with your community of followers to increase the chances of reaching out to their own community of followers and achieving expansive growth.

Better customer satisfaction and increased brand loyalty

Social media provides the right avenue for your brand to network and communicate with people and other brands. You can humanize your brand by being active on the platform and using it to present your company values. Most of the time, this may be as easy as providing timely and personalized responses to your followers’ queries, claims and comments. Users will be more likely to acknowledge your brand’s attentiveness to the client needs, which will play a big role in increasing satisfaction levels.

Better customer satisfaction and increased brand loyalty
The level at which brand loyalty depreciate is disheartening. Most business owners find it difficult to close the gap between collecting user’s feedback and processing them to deliver top notch services. Social media has made this easily attainable at no cost.

All interaction with your brand social media users on your page represents a great way to display your brand’s values. You can engage in interpersonal dialogue with your clients on the platform, which will make it easier to take up personal selling. More people will be willing to trust your brand, which could help in the development of brand loyalty. In order to attract and keep user loyalty, you should always offer timely, professional and personalized responses whenever possible. Leveraging customer loyalty could help you engage personal marketing, which has a high rate of success.

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