Guest Blogging Service

Fast-track your business growth process by getting featured in industry-leading blogs and media outlets.

Working with TechAtLast Digital Media Team will turn your low-traffic or medium-traffic website into a huge traffic-powerhouse. You need to try us out to see what we can do for your business, our results speak.

Many have the wrong goal when guest blogging.  Content written about you should be published where your target audience of potential buyers already are.  It should increase your brand recognition and visibility and drive buyers into your sales funnel. It is NOT primarily about links.

Guest blogging is an extremely effective way to grow your audience – but if done incorrectly it can get you penalized by Google.

Value of Guest Blogging

Guest Blogging offers many benefits to small and medium-sized business such as:

  • Putting your business in front of ready buyers
  • Natural way to acquire backlinks
  • Improves your Brand visibility in the marketplace
  • Strengthens your brand value
  • It is cost-effiencient, less expensive than other forms of advertising such as AdWords etc.

Common Mistakes

Buying cheap content and adding your link to the end is one common mistake. This makes it very obvious the content is generic and the link unnatural. These types of guest posts will end up being penalized.

The difference between bargain content and the quality you need is experience.  The writer must have sufficient experience in your industry to write as a thought leader.  Your business must be an integral part of the content – not tacked on the end.

Ideally, the writer will be a social media savvy influencer in their own right. They will either have or be able to reach an existing audience interested in your products or services.

Guest Blogging Process

The research to find the blogs most relevant in your industry and most likely to reach your customers is as important as the writing.

  1. Research blogs and rank them by relevance and influence
  2. Build a relationship with each blog
  3. Propose topics crafted to fit each blog’s readers
  4. Hire a writer or influential blogger who is a subject matter expert to create exceptional content
  5. Ensure your desired links are in the content or more commonly in the bio
  6. Have influencers share your content across social media to ensure maximum exposure


Top Content

High quality content requires connections that you may not have, but we do.  We focus on getting your business written about by leaders in your niche. Examples of top content:

  • Content written by the owner of a strong blog in your niche and published by that owner.
  • Influential writers published on major sites.

We know and understand how to find relevant writers and encourage them to write about you. We have access to content marketing solutions and tools that ensure we know where the best sites are for your content.

Because our writers are thought leaders who share original strategies, advice and details only someone in your industry would know, their content will be widely shared, attracting incoming links and customers to your site.

Would you like to have positive publicity sending your target audience into your sales funnel? Contact us for a free no-obligation consultation.