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Seven Habits of Highly Successful Bloggers

If you are also one of the blogger from ever growing blogosphere, then you must also came across the highly effective bloggers in your life. After seeing them, everyone wants to be like them. But did all turn like them?? Well, not at all. All can’t be like them. They have some very special properties that make them stand out of the crowd. In this post I am going to talk about some of the habits of highly successful bloggers. Now, let us relax and have a look at them.

Successful Bloggers

1. Passion

Blogging can’t be done without the passion. Only passion keeps a person in blogging and as a result that person gets converted to the problogger. So first of all, you need to have passion about the blogging  and you should not start it to become rich overnight.

2. Good Schedule

In the blogging the most common problem is of time. Most of the bloggers suffer from this problem and many sell their blogs as well for not getting time to manage it. This is not any problem for the effective bloggers as they know that how to manage their time to make the best use of it. This thing makes them unique from the others.

3. Hard Work

The laziness can be found in most of the bloggers. But no such thing is there in the dictionary of highly effective bloggers. Hard work is the key to success and all the good bloggers know the value of it. They don’t believe in the statement, but also make it practical on their blog which show result with their blog’s success.

4. Responsibility

They know their responsibilities for their blog and always complete them. Most of the effective bloggers make a schedule for the tasks need to be performed on their blogs and then do it with full responsibility.

5. Self Boss

The best part of the blogging is that there is not anyone to be your boss except you like to be working under someone. There is not going to be any boss of you. Well, the best thing of the blogging is worst for some bloggers. As there is not any boss in the blogging , so only those bloggers can get success who can give orders to themselves to start the work. This is the property find in the effective bloggers, which make them really effective.

6. Helpful

One other good habit of the effective bloggers is that they are always to help others. If any newbie of the blogging wants any kind of help, then they are always there to help you.

7. Student Type Attitude

This is something i really like in all the effective blogger. Although many things about the blogging, then also they are keen to get the knowledge of something new even if it is coming from any newbie. They have student type attitude, who always want to learn new things either from the teacher or from the fellow students. This behavior makes them to shine in the blogging field.

So this was the list of habits of  highly effective bloggers. Bloggers are really an idol for newbie and can show them right path in the field of blogging to reach the success.

Rajkumar Jonnala is a full time SEO Blogger and has numerous blogs related to health, technology ( www.techygeeks.org), education, travel in which one of the best is http://www.techiestate.com/.

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  1. The Thing we should avoid while blogging,….
    1. Forgetting the USP
    2. Doing everything yourself.
    3. Writing “me too” posts.
    4. Not Buliding a list
    5. Posting erratically.
    6. This one is Important (Not marketing. ) your blog comment should,nt be marketers

  2. A great read. It is very good to read what successful bloggers do and how they manage to be successful. It helps everyone and motivates them to become even better bloggers!

  3. I love the first one. Passion, That is the most important point there.

    With Passion, you make make anything happen.!

    Thanks for sharing with us!

    • Hi Okoji,

      Thanks a whole lot for dropping by and also for dropping your comment here. Doing blogging without passion for means failure and thanks that you have noted that earlier. You rock!

  4. I could’nt agree more with your points. Blogging is not an easy task like others perceived it to be. It takes a lot of time and discipline in order to be successful in this field.

  5. Blogging can be successfully done if one possesses the above seven qualities in a balanced proportion. But passion is something one really needs to have to be a perfect. Being a self boss is also no less for a contribution for the success. One can work as per his convenience and take decisions related to the blog all by himself.

  6. Hardwork is the back bone to every business or lets say work. To achieve success in any field of life, hardwork is the first priority and if we talking about blogging, then there needs to be some passion for that work and a good schedule so that a blogger can give enough time to his blog. Maintaining a blog needs good time and brains.

  7. Yeah i am agree with your all points Raj. We should keep our Attitude like Student.
    It always lead to learn something new.
    Nice Post.
    Cheers Mate.
    Amit from iTechCode.

  8. If you are a blogger you will understand the need to have a proper schedule. It is not that someone is going to fire you because in the blogging world you are your own boss but being punctual is something that you need to do for your readers. You have to understand the responsibility you have towards your readers because unless you respect your readers you can never progress ahead in this field.

    • I agree with your point, as a blogger, you have right to do as you wish whereas in the general world, you can’t because your boss have SAY over everything.

  9. You can never achieve anything in your life if you are not ready to put sincere effort in it. You need to be hard working and determined to move forward in your life and achieve something. By working hard I don’t mean becoming a workaholic. What I mean is even if you are working only for a few hours still give your hundred percent and do excellent work.

    • Great points. Working 24/7 doesn’t mean anything especially when it comes to the online world where creativity sets in – you just have to do what is right at the very right time.

  10. In the movie Serendipity, there was a line that said: “The ancient Greeks did not write obituaries, instead they asked only one question of a man: ‘Did he have passion?’ I love and believe in this line. I believe passion is what makes your life beautiful. Passion adds color to your life. Anything done with passion always turns out beautifully.

    • Yes you are right. Anything we do without passion doesn’t worth trying at all. Passion makes things work even when it seems uneasy. Thanks for commenting

  11. I believe in the saying ‘Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life.’ I have never worked even a single day in my life and I am not planning to start that now. I love writing and learning new things and this is exactly what a person need to love if he wants to become a blogger. So unless you to have passion for writing, it is useless that you try to become a blogger.

  12. Writing a blog requires you to think differently and have knowledge about different aspects of your line of work or about various topics. You can never claim that you know everything about a subject. You have to keep yourself updated about the new development that have taken place and be aware of the current trends in the market only then can you write good articles.

  13. In order to become a successful blogger a person needs much more then a great content and a fancy site. There are many things that go into making a site successful like great content, creative site, proper advertisement and promotion, etc. It is a whole list of things that need to be done. The things that you have mentioned are very interesting. I hope all the newbies out there are making a note of this.

    • Hey Peter, you have a great point, you need something more than a nice looking web page to become a successful blogger. Thanks for your points.

  14. The most important and the most ignored point from the list you have given is that of being helpful. Most bloggers just write an article and move on but what they fail to take into account is the audiences reaction for that particular article. This will really help them grow as a writer. Blogger should not only try to get a feedback from the readers but also address any doubts that they have on the topic.

    • Yes, you are right Peter. You can’t get what you don’t work for. Success only comes to people who help others achieve their aims. So, thanks for coming here friend.

  15. It is very important to choose a job that you like and are passionate about. I know money is also important but try making big in the field you love. It is alright if it takes time and you have to struggle a little. In the beginning you will think you have made the right choice by selecting the job that offers more money rather than what you like, but as time goes by you will regret it a lot. Getting up and going for work will feel like the biggest challenge of you life and you cant do anything about it because you are stuck.

  16. Starting a blog is the most easiest thing to do but what is very difficult is maintaining it. You have to put in a lot of long hours and effort in order to make it as one of the best and known blogging site. You cannot do that by being lazy and by procrastinating. Always try to write extra articles and be ahead of your schedule.


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